White and Negro Alike. Stories of Bahai Pioneers Ellsworth and Ruth Blackwell

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When human relations are held to be political or social problems they are removed from the realm in which rational will has responsibility and influence. He has revealed His heavenly books in order to establish spiritual brotherhood, and through the power of the Holy Spirit has made it possible for perfect fraternity to be realized among mankind. This picture was taken in Burma previous to its shipment to Palestine. Its existence, like that of early Christianity, marks the return of faith as a direct and personal experience of the will of God.

It is for the privilege of access to the source of reality that they forego reliance upon the darkened self within and the unbelieving society without. To Baha'is, religion is the life and teachings of the prophet. By identifying religion with its founder, they exclude from its spiritual reality all those accretions of human definition, ceremony and ritualistic practice emanating from followers required from time to time to make compromise with an unbelieving world.

Furthermore, in limiting religion to the prophet they are able to perceive the oneness of God in the spiritual oneness of all the prophets. According to this insight, a cycle begins with the appearance of a prophet or manifestation of God, through whom the spirits of men are revivified and reborn. The rise of faith in God produces a religious community, whose power of enthusiasm and devotion releases the creative elements of a new and higher civilization.

This civilization comes to its fruitful autumn in culture and mental achievement, to give way eventually to a barren winter of atheism, when strife and discord bring the civilization to an end. Under the burden of immorality, dishonor and cruelty marking this phase of the cycle, humanity lies helpless until the spiritual leader, the prophet, once more returns in the power of the Holy.

Its reading of the present interprets these world troubles, this general chaos and confusion, as the hour when the renewal of religion is no longer a racial experience, a rebirth of one limited area of human society, but the destined unification of humanity itself in one faith and one order. A human society which has substituted creeds for religion and armies for truth, even as all ancient prophets foretold, must needs come to abandon its instruments of violence and undergo purification until conscious, humble faith can be reborn.

Faith alone, no matter how wholehearted and sincere, affords no basis on which the organic unity of a religious fellowship can endure. The faith of the early Christians was complete, but its degree of inner conviction when projected outward upon the field of action soon disclosed a fatal lack of social principle. Whether the outer expression of love implied a democratic or an aristocratic order, a communal or individualistic society, raised fundamental questions after the crucifixion of the prophet which none had authority to soive.

The BaN'i teaching has this vital distinc-don, that it extends from the realm of conscience and faith to the realm of social action. It confirms the substance of faith not merely as a source of individual development but as a definitely ordered relationship to the community. But in place of ritual or other formal worship it contains a social principle linking people to a community, the loyal observance of which makes spiritual faith coterminous with life itself.

The Baha'is, having no professional clergy, f or-bidden ever to have a clergy, understand that religion, in this age, Consists in an "attitude toward God reflected in life. The rights of the individual are fully safeguarded and the fundamental distinctions of personal endowment natural among all people are fully preserved. Individual rights, however, are interpreted in the light of the supreme law of brotherhood and not made a sanction for selfishness, oppression and indifference.

The local community on April 21 of each year elects by universal adult suffrage an administrative body of nine members called the. The various local communities unite, through delegates elected annually according to the principle of proportionate representation, in the formation of a National Spiritual Assembly for their country or natural geographical area. No believer can ever have a finished, static faith any more than he can arrive at the end of his capacity for being.

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After the consultation, the community breaks bread together and enjoys fellowship. Their status of perfect equality as voting members of a constitu-. The savage tribes of Central Africa are evidence of this. Left in their natural condition, they have sunk to the lowest depths and degrees of barbarism, dimly groping in a world of mental and moral obscurity. God has purposed that the darkness of the world of nature shall be dispelled and the imperfect attributes of the natal self be effaced in the effulgent reflection of the Sun of TrUIh.

Of special significance to Baha of Europe and America is the fact that, unlike. The Baha'i, moreover, has this distinctive advantage, that his approach to the teachings is personal and direct, without the veils interposed by any human intermediary. Forel of Switzerland. To these writings is now to be added the book entitled CtB ii'" Administration," consisting of the general letters written by Shoghi Effendi as Guardian of the Cause since the Master's death in , which explain the details of the administrative order of the Cause, and his letters on World Order, which make clear the social principles imbedded in.

It is a work which gives to each believer access to a clear insight on the significance of the present era, and the outcome of its international perturbations, incomparably more revealing and at the same time more assuring than the works of students and statesmen in our times.

Edward G. Rather should it be likened to a clear light which illumines whatever is brought under its rays, or to spiritual nourishment which gives life to the spirit. The believer at first chiefly notes the passages which seem to confirm his own personal beliefs or treat of subjects close to his own previous training. In this acceptance lies the mystery of a unity that is general, not particular, inclusive, not exclusive, and. Human history begins to reflect the working of a beneficent Providence; the sharp outlines of material sciences gradually fade out in the light of one fundamental science of life; a profounder sociology, connected with the inner life, little by little displaces the superficial economic and political beliefs which like waves dash high an instant oniy to subside into the moveless volume of the sea.

The infinite reality cannot be said to ascend or descend. It is beyond the understanding of men, and cannot be described in terms which apply to the phenomenal sphere of the created world. Man, then, is in extreme need of the oniy power by which he is able to receive help from the divine reality, that power alone bringing him into contact with the source of all life. Riches and poverty, plenty and need: without an intermediary there could be no rela-. So we can say that there must be a Mediator between God and man, and this is none other than the Holy Spirit, which brings the created earth into relation with the tUnrbink-able One,' the Divine reality.

The Divine reality may be likened to the sun and die Holy Spirit to the rays of the sun. As the rays of the sun bring the light and warmth of the sun to the earth, giving life to all created things, so do the Manifestations bring the power of the Holy Spirit from the Divine Sun of Reality to give light and life to the souls of men.

What religion in its renewal brings is first of aLL an energy to translate belief into life. This impulse, received into the profoundest depths of consciousness, requires no startling ttnewness" of concept or theory to be appreciated as a gift from the divine world. It carries its own assurance as a renewal of life itself; it is as a candle that has been lighted, and in comparison with the miracle of light the discussion of religion as a form of belief becomes secondary in importance.

For religion returns to earth in order to reestablish a standard of spiritual reality. It restores the quality of human existence, its active powers, when that reality has become overlaid with sterile rites and dogmas which substitute empty shadow for substance. In the person of the Manifestation it destroys all those imitations of religion gradually developed through the centuries and summons humanity to the path of sacrifice and devotion.

Revelation, moreover, is progressive as well as periodic. His Faith stands at the reality within Christianity, within Muhammadanism, within the religion of.

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Individual fulfillment has been given an oblective social standard of reality, balancing the subjective ideal derived from religion in the past. The whole arena of human affairs has been brought within the realm of spiritual truth, in the light of the teaching that materialism is not a thing but a motive within the human heart. He learns his true relation to the degrees and orders of the visible universe; his true relation to God, to himself, to his fellow man, to mankind.

He has the assurance that the world's turmoil conceals from worldly minds the blessings long foretold, now forgotten, in the sayings which prophesied the coming of the Kingdom of God. It inspires life. It frees the mind, it disciplines the heart. For believers, the Word is not a philosophy to be learned, but the sustenance of king throughout the span of mortal existence. Effendi stated in a recent letter addressed to a public official, "recognizes the unity of God and of His Prophets, upholds the principle of an unfettered search after truth, condemns all forms of superstition and prejudice, teaches that the fundamental purpose of religion is to promote concord and harmony, that it must go hand-in-hand with science, and that it constitutes the sole and ultimate basis of a peaceful, an ordered and progres-sire society.

Humanity itseff now seems to share the prison and exile which an unbelieving generation inflicted upon the Glory of God seventy years ago. Cr0 My beloved friends! You are the bearers of the name of God in this Day. You have been chosen as the repositories of His mystery. It behooves each one of you to manifest the attributes of God, and to exemplify by your deeds and wards the signs of His righteousness, s, His power and glory.

Ponder the words of Jesus addressed to His disciples, as He sent them forth to propagate the Cause of God. The history. This history, unfolded contemporaneously with the rise of science and technology in the West, reasserts the providential element of human existence as it was reasserted by the spiritual consecration and personal suffering of the prophets and disciples of former times. The world of BUm one hundred years ago lay in a darkness corresponding to the most degraded epoch of Europe's feudal age.

The pomp of the civil and religious courts glittered above the general ruin like firedamp on a rotten log. In that world, however, a few devoted souis stood firm in their conviction that the religion of Mubammad was to be purified by the rise of a spiritual hero whose coming was assured in their interpretation of His gospel. This remnant of the faithful one by one became conscious that in 'Au-Muhammad, since known to history as the Mb the "Gate" , their hopes had been realized, and under the BTh's inspiration scattered themselves as His apostles to arouse the people and prepare them for the restoration of Islim to its original integrity.

In the Bib's own written message He interpreted His mission to be the fulfillment of past religions and the heralding of a world educator and unifier, one who was to come to establish a new cycle. Most of the Mb's chosen disciples, and many thousands of followers, were publicly martyred in towns and villages throughout the country in those years. The seed, however, had been buried too deep in hearts to be extirpated by any physical instrument of oppression.

This gospel came into being in the form of letters addressed to individual believers and to groups in response to questions, in books of religious laws and princi-pies, and in communications transmitted to the kings and rulers calling upon them to establish universal peace. As communication and travel slackened and ceased, their realization of essential oneness quickened.

As the pressure of a struggling society intensified, longing for the Kingdom of peace and fellowship filled their hearts. The Guardian's providential gift of the Tablets to the Kings through the chosen passages forming so vital a part of his work! In this volume the world has light for its darkness, healing for its hurt, guidance for its future, justice for its wrongs, purification for its evil. CtA tempest, unprecedented in its violence, unpredictable in its course, catastrophic in its immediate effects, unimaginably glorious in its ultimate consequences, is at present sweeping the face of the earth.

Its cleansing force, however much undetected, is increasing with every passing day. Humanity, gripped in the clutches of its devastating power, is smitten by the evidences of its resistless fury. It can neither perceive its origin, nor probe its significance, nor discern its outcome. Bewildered, agonized and helpless, it watches this great and mighty wind of God invading the remotest and fairest regions of the earth, rocking its foundations, deranging its equilibrium, sundering its nations, disrupting the homes of its peo pies, wasting its cities, driving into exile its kings, pulling down its bulwarks, uprooting its institutions, dimming its light, and harrowing up the souis of its inhabitants.

The hour is approaching,' He specifically affirms, twhcn the most great convulsion will have appeared. It can neither escape the responsibilities of the past, nor shirk those of the future. These great oppressions,' He, moreover, foreshadowing humanity's golden age, has written, tare preparing it for the advent of the. Cror a whole century God has respited mankind, that it might acknowledge the Founder of such a Revelation, espouse His Cause, proclaim His greatness, and establish His Order.

In a hundred volumes, the repositories of priceless precepts, mighty laws, unique principles, impassioned exhortations, reiterated warnings, amazing prophecies, sublime invocations, and weighty commentaries, the Bearer of such a Message has proclaimed, as no Prophet before Him has done, the Mission with which God had entrusted Him. With what precision and emphasis He unfolded the system of the Faith He was expounding, elucidated its fundamental verities, stressed its distinguishing features, and proclaimed the redemptive character of its principles?

How insistently did He foreshadow the impending chaos, the approaching upheavals, the universal conflagration which, in the concluding years of His life, had oniy begun to reveal the measure of its force and the significance of its impact on human society? A world convulsed by the agonies of contending systems, races and nations, entangled in the mesh of its accumulated falsities, receding farther and farther from Him Who is the sole Author of its destinies, and sinking deeper and deeper into a fratricidal carnage which its neglect and persecution of Him Who is its.

A Faith, still proscribed, yet bursting through its chrysalis, emerging from the obscurity of a century-old repression, face to face with the awful evidences of God's wrathful anger, and destined to arise above the ruins of a smitten civilization. The first signalizes the death-pangs of an order, effete and godless, that has stubbornly refused, despite the signs and portents of a century-old Revelation, to attune its processes to the precepts and ideals which that Heaven-sent Faith proffered it.

The second proclaims the birth-pangs of an Order, divine and redemptive, that will inevitably supplant the former, and within whose administrative structure an embryonic civilization, incomparable and world-embracing, is imperceptibly maturing. The one is being rolled up, and is crashing in oppression, bloodshed, and ruin. The other opens up vistas of a justice, a unity, a peace, a culture, such as no age has ever seen.

The kings of the earth and the world's religious leaders alike must primarily beat the brunt of such an awful responsibility. It was they who were deliberately addressed in numerous and historic Tablets, who were summoned to respond to the Call of God, and to whom were directed, in clear and forcible language, the appeals, the admonitions and warnings of His persecuted Messengers.

It was they who, when the Faith was born, and later when its mission was proclaimed, were still, for the most part, wielding unquestioned and absolute civil and ecclesiastical authority over their subjects and followers. It was they who, whether glorying in the pomp and pageantry of a kingship as yet scarcely restricted by constitutional limitations, or entrenched within the strongholds of a seemingly inviolable ecclesiastical power, assumed ultimate responsibility for any wrongs inflicted by those whose immediate destinies they controlled.

It would be no exaggeration to say that in most of the countries of the European and Asiatic continents absolutism, on the one hand, and complete subservience to ecclesiastical hierarchies, on the other, were still the outstanding features of the political and ligious life of the masses. These, dominated and shackled, were robbed of the necessary freedom that would enable them to either appraise the claims and merits of the Message proffered to them, or to embrace unreservedly its truth. Kings are censured, ecclesiastical dignitaries arraigned, ministers and plenipotentiaries condemned, and the identification of His advent with the coming of the Father Himself unequivocally admitted and repeatedly announced.

The violent downfall of a few of these kings and emperors is prophesied, two of them definitely challenged, most are warned, all are appealed to and exhorted. The colossal events that have heralded the dissolution of so many kingdoms and empires have almost synchronized with the crumbling of the seemingly inviolable strongholds of religious orthodoxy.

That same proces. It should be viewed also, though to a lesser degree, in the light of a divine retribution for the perversity of the human race in general, in casting itself adrift from those elementary principles which must, at all times, govern, and can alone safeguard, the life and progress of mankind. Humanity has, alas, with increasing insistence, preferred, instead of acknowledging and adoring the Spirit of God as embodied in His religion in this day, to worship those false idols, untruths and half-truths, which are obscuring its religions, corrupting its spiritual life, convulsing its political institutions, corroding its social fabric, and shattering its economic structure.

Their high priests are the politicians and the worldly-wise, the socalled sages of the age; their sacrifice, the flesh and blood of the slaughtered ifiultitudes; their incantations outworn shibboleths and insidious and irreverent formulas; their incense, the smoke of anguish that ascends from the lacerated hearts of the bereaved, the maimed, and the homeless. It is not only a retributive and destructive fire, but a disciplinary and creative process, whose aim is the salvation, through unification, of the entire planet. Mysteriously, slowly, and resistlessly God accomplishes His design, though the sight that meets our eyes in this day be the spectacle of a world hopelessly entangled in its own meshes, utterly careless of the Voice which, for a century, has been calling it to God, and miserably subservient to the siren voices which are attempting to lure it into the vast abyss.

The interdependence of the peoples and nations of the earth, whatever the leaders of the divisive forces of the world may say or do, is already an accomplished fact. Its unity in the economic sphere is now understood and recognized. The welfare of the part means the welfare of the whole, and the distress of the part brings distress to the whole. The fires lit by this great ordeal are the consequences of men's failure to recognize it.

They are, moreover, hastening its consummation. They arc not cited here for the reason that these Tablets are reproduced elsewhere in the present volume. The social organism, like the individual personality, operates by qualities whose effective functioning requires instruments.

Every social institution is inherently the projection of a quality within the life of civilization. A spiritually conscious order will therefore create the means by which it can manifest the truths and the virtues which lie within its collective soul. As it. But while the capacity remains latent and ineffective without the institution, so the institution becomes negative and parasitic without the flow of sustaining life from the quality it is supposed to manifest.

False is the mysticism which remains aloof from the instruments of civilization because it feels that the qualities by themselves are perfect and complete; materialistic is the man who has confidence in the institutions, because of their avowed functions, when their connection with the spirit has become broken.

Therefore it is an organism possessing a society-building power. To remain honest, a man must strive to assure the dominion of honesty throughout the area of his social existence. The point at which he ceases to strive is the point where his honesty fails and finds justification in dogma and myth. This action discloses a turning point in their evolution, marking the commencement of a new stage in the history of the Faith. The circular auditorium is three stories in height, with two tiers of loges.

The grounds have been landscaped, and much work has been done on the building. Outside Tihr4n, the local Assemblies of Persia also have their iIa? Since , the building has been furnished and equipped. The room for the public meetings accommodates quite a number of attendants. The national archives, instituted by the expressed wish of the Guardian, and blessed by his gift of a picture of the inner Shrine of the Rib, has by now grown fairly rich with various sacred objects offered by the. The room is beautifully furnished with modern cases and shelves which befit the sacred objects.

This shirt bears stains of the blood of that Youthful Martyr. The Guardian asked that these sacred relics be safely preserved in the archives, saying that these precious objects bless and protect the Baha community in 'Iraq. The unfinished portion awaits the release of building material by the civil authorities.

To the Baha of 'Iraq the Guardian wrote at the time the completion of the first section of the Headquarters was being celebrated: CCThe country of 'IrAq will be the arena of the dawning of Light and the first link to connect Persia, the. On January 15, , the Assembly received a message from Shoghi Effendi informing the members that this event necessitated that they direct attention to the establishment of an administrative center for the Faith in India.

The city of Delhi was designated. The Guardian himself contributed to the building fund, and with active participation by the local Assemblies of India and other National Spiritual Assemblies, it become possible, despite the difficulties of the war period, to purchase a house for the centralizing of the Assembly activities. As rapidly as possible, the stock of the Publishing Committee has been transferred from Lahore, and the Assembly records are being centralized and permanently arranged. After extensive search, a property was purchased within the municipal area of Sydney which the Assembly considers an ideal choice.

We rejoice in the reality of our spiritual union with the believers throughout the world. A group of early believers taken in in the studio of Arthur P. Dodge, in New York City. Dodge, Anna Mason Hoar, W. Paul Dodge seated on floor. Bourgeois, as reported in volume VIII. Your historic decision, so wise and timely, so surprising in its suddenness, so far-reaching in its consequences, is one that I cannot but heartily and unreservedly applaud. To each one of your brethren in the Faith, throughout the United States and Canada, who are witnessing, from day to day and at an ever-hastening speed, the approaching completion of their National House of Worship, the great Mother Temple of the West, your resolution to establish within its hallowed precincts and in the heart of the North American continent the Administrative Seat of their beloved Faith cannOt but denote henceforth a closer association, a more constant communion, and a higher degree of coordination between the two primary agencies providentially ordained for the enrichment of their spiritual life and for the conduct and regulation of their administrative affairs.

Seated, left to right: Orosco C. Dodge, Charles E. Standing, left to right: Anton F. Osborne, looper Harris, William H. Hoar, Andrew Hutchinson, and Edwin A. That such a decision may speedily and without the slightest hitch be carried into effect is the deepest longing of my heart. That those who have boldly carried so weighty a resolution may without pause or respite continue to labor and build up, as circumstances permit, around this administrative nucleus such accessories as the machinery of a fast evolving administrative order, functioning under the shadow of, and in such close proximity to, the Mashriqu'l-Adhkar's must demand, is the object of my incessant and fervent prayer.

That such a step, momentous as it is, may prove the starting point for acts of still greater renown and richer possibilities that will leave their distinct mark on the third year of the Seven Year Plan is a hope which I, together with all those who are eagerly following its progress, fondly and confidently cherish. In these words we meet the attitude felt by the Guardian on all the Haziratu'1-Quds established since In North America we note the following acquisitions: The administrative building constructed on Temple property for the work of the Treasurer and the Publishing Committee, with facilities also for the work of the Secretariat.

The Temple land has been improved by the realignment of Sheridan Road by the Village of Wilmette, involving an exchange of land on the west of the road for land on the east; the rental of a strip on Linden Avenue adjacent to the canal for use as a parking lot; grading and seeding of the area surrounding the House of Worship; fencing this area; enlargement of the area along the lake shore east of the National Office by fill extending to the water line; grading and seeding along the east side of Sheridan.

The House of Worship, the exterior ornamentation of which was completed in , has been developed through successive contracts: the construction of tunnels and areaways; upper portion of the main story pylons; ornamentation of the main story; construction of circular steps; installation of tile drainage system at base of steps.

Within the Temple foundation space and facilities have been provided for storage of publications by the Publishing Committee and for the storage and preservation of the sacred relics and records entrusted to the National Archives. The detailed report of Temple construction work during the four-year period under survey will be found elsewhere in the present volume. The Wilhelm property at West Englewood, New Jersey, historic site of the Feast given by the Master in which He declared marked the spiritual birth of the Faith of.

Roy C. Wilhelm has augmented his previous deeds of lots and buildings with the donation of the family home and lots one, two, three, four and five of Block D. This munificent gift, transferred to Trustees for the benefit of the National Spiritual Assembly, completes Mr. Two lots lying between the home and the grove at the lower end of Evergreen Place, purchased by the late Mr. James and now in his daughter's possession, will be transferred later to the Trustees. The property known as Nine Gables, beautifully remodeled farmhouse, with two studios, farm buildings, gardens and more than one hundred acres of land, Ihas been transferred by Mr.

Siegfried Schopflocher to the Green Acre Trustees. As in the case of the 'Wilhelm house, the indenture reserves life use for the present owner. The Rogers cottage, standing at the entrance to Green Acre, has been extensively remodeled and improved since the death of Mrs.

Elizabeth Greenleaf, who for a number of years conducted it as a teaching center, and has been temporarily rented and made income-producing for the benefit of the. By up to three million, five hundred and eighty-nine thousand square meters had been acquired, including several houses and two extensive gardens.

Louis Gregory and the Development of the African American Lawyer - Anthony Vance

Contributions are being received for the building fund, and the Assembly will begin the work on receipt of directions from Shoghi Effendi. In a burial place of four hundred square meters was acquired at Ismailia and one of an acre a year later at Cairo. The matter of similar cemeteries at. On December 27, , his property known as "Villa Safwan" was deeded to the Assembly.

This estate is in Port Fouad on the east bank of the. Carmel , sq. In the formation of new Assemblies, the current four-year period greatly surpasses any similar period in the past. First is the Guardian's ruling that voting members of the local community must reside within the civil limits of the municipality, whether city, town or village. In application this princi-pie frequently involved rather a question of desire or right on the part of the individual than of duly defined authority on the part of the institution. Thus the new ruling, always implicit but not previously enforced, entailed a considerable number of changes for Assemblies and individuals, in some instances removing several or even a maiority of the members of the Assembly, experienced committee heads, and such a proportion of the community as to decrease its representation in the Annual Convention.

Some Assemblies had to be dissolved. Even where a delegate had been elected in March for an April Convention, to represent a community having an Assembly, if the Assembly could not be maintained after April 21, the delegate became disqualified. As the voting right is greatly prized and esteemed by Baha'is, the distinction between community member and isolated believer was keenly felt. Instead of some eighty local communities, with a few score isolated believers, hundreds of groups came into existence composed of less than nine Baha'is, thus spreading the capacity to teach and develop new Assemblies throughout the country.

The recently completed National Administrative Headquarters, situated in the outskirts of Tihrin. In New England the township is chosen rather than the county; in other States the township unit does not exist. In either case, the area of jurisdiction is defined as that part of the civil unit lying outside the villages, towns or cities.

The experience of these small communities in making effort to achieve such status is highly significant. It means that a truly human standard is being asserted, and signalizes the outworking spirit of a new day. Humanity had become subject to laws and conditions which are entirely incapable of expressing its true qualities and powers, binding the groups, races and nations to the principle of conflict in all important affairs.

His Message admits no diyisive forces employing the uncertainties of oral tradition, variations of text or arbitrary dictum to assert partisan claims or support formalistic views and practices. This fact in itself banishes the lingering shadows in which religious disputation has flourished throughout the term of known history. The Word is no longer a hope deferred but a truth made manifest for all to behold. Since we are human and fallible, men may still continue to deceive themselves; but the practice of deliberate deception by a policy disguised as denominationalism, under which multitudes receive of Revelation oniy the wrapping in which its light is concealed, has been done away.

The goal of human unity can only be attained by individuals who rise to the ic-ye1 of moral responsibility, reso lutely abandoning any type of spiritual life whish can oniy experience truth at second hand and as byproduct of the maintenance of some system of special privilege. Beginning with Islim, as the impartial student must admit, religion has emphasized reason and knowledge, resisting the instinctive effort of an immature race to make worship irrational and enthrone superstition in the social practices of faith.

The bounds and limits placed upon mental activity today do not represent the bastions of a system that would be eternally impregnable, but the natural limitations of the mind itself and the needs of the social body. Language is the first foreign field to be captured by the believers in their effort to establish the Faith in a new land. Translations are under way in twelve additional tongues. Esslemont, has appeared in a total of thirty-seven languages, this in less than twenty-five years. In the language of the blind, Braille, f or English-reading persons, forty-nine titles have been made available.

Since in Persia the. This work was seriously threatened when, in , the edition was confiscated by the civil authorities on declaration by the heads of IslAm that the book contains matters generally injurious to that Faith. The entire stock of printed books, in fact, was seized and transported to a place where they could be destroyed by fire. The appeal, moreover, pointed out that it was not equitable or just for the authorities to pass judgment on the assumption that the charges made by one party are to be taken for granted without giving the other party opportunity for defense.

After long-protracted endeavors by the Baha'is, the books were released and the Assembly was able to distribute copies to all who had ordered them, whether in Egypt or abroad. The total number of copies printed for free distribution, in connection with teaching activity, was 25, Of these five new translations, three were sent to press in and plans are prepared for publishing the other two editions immediately. Esslemont be translated into Rajasthani. Under the editorship of Miss D. Dugdale and Miss L.

The Assembly obtains printed books and pamphlets from the Publishing Committees of the United States and Canada or of England as needed. Nevertheless, though still so young, it has had to deal with its share of difficulties in the form of paper shortage, binding delays, prohibition of imports from abroad, etc. It also contained a very brief account of the principles of the Faith and a list of literature. It has also experimented with advertising and through this has sold a number of books.

It still appeared, however, that such a magazine is a useful medium of teaching and consequently it was revived as a quarterly and appeared again in a changed form in Spring, From the successive annual reports we note the figures showing sales as follows: For the year ended February 28, , the Baha Publishing Committee distributed 16, books, , pamphlets and 2, study outlines.

The following year was reported on an eleven-month basis: 19, books, 77, pamphlets, 1, outlines. In the year ended February 28, books, 19, plus 4, sets of the three small volumes of "Selected Writings," pamphlets, ,; and outlines for study, 3, A year later the final report showed that 27, books were distributed, with , pamphlets and 2, study outlines.

Beside these books, ten or more new pamphlets and ten new study outlines were also put into print. House of Worship," went through its third printing, bringing the total number of copies since to , The series of ccSelected Writings" includes 25, each of three small books, a total of seventy-five thousand.

To commemorate the completion of the exterior ornamentation of the Temple in January, , the Natidnal Spiritual Assembly prepared an illustrated booklet, copies of which have been distributed throughout the country and thousands presented to persons who visit the House of Worship. In the field of translations much work has also been done by the American Babi'is. Some of the literature was published in Mexico, D. Mathews and Helen Bishop for translation into Spanish and publication, in order to provide the Latin American believers with a representative collection of the literature in one volume.

This work is to be printed in Buenos. The committee visualized its teaching problem as that of equipping the believers to convey the Message more effectively, rather than of attempting to reach the general body of the public through a direct channel.

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This followed the conclusion of an equally interesting series by Louise Caswell and Cora H. Oliver, rrom a Panama Diary. The former, by Marzieh Gail, is an answer written upon request of the National Spiritual Assembly to a widely-circulated article by a Christian missionary misrepresenting. Gail's article was preceded by a strengthening statement from the National Assembly entitled, The Universal and the Sectarian.

Barnett; Religion for. He wrote upon request of the National Spiritual Assembly. Khan's study of Epistle to the Son of the Wolf was a particularly valuable article because of the rich background of knowledge which he could bring to the writing. A special feature has been a series of references designed to be helpful to Babi'i Holy Days. This has taken the place of the study outlines printed for a number of years.

An article by Arthur Dali entitled. Nicklin, Panama by C. Chapters from this book will continue to appear in the April and May issues of tWorld Order. These had been gathered from sources not available to many and make a valuable addition to the small prayer book. He defines the purpose of man's existence as duty to know and worship God.

In a Tablet addressed to an American believer the Master said: ttlf a man engages with all his power in the acquisition of a science or in the perfection of an art, it is as if he has been worshipping God in the churches and temples. He has condemned mere speculation and theoretical and false knowledge which begins and ends in words.

An era in which worship itself has been made inseparable from knowledge, and knowledge in turn has been defined in terms of the true and the useful, possesses illimitable potentiality for the development of the human type and the progress of civilization. The schools established by Baha is in a number of countries reflect this revolutionary break with the past, when knowledge was tragically sundered from worship by the ascendency of superstition, and the rise of new knowledge in the form of science, repudiated by the church, came under the control of a civil state committed to the struggle for existence.

Though of brief duration, the believers are, assured that the foundations of the institution of the Summer School were firmly laid. Bolton has constructed a hail at the Yerrinbool School seating one hundred and sixty persons. School is held for two weeks in January; the Winter School for one week in June. The time is spent in studying the Teachings, in prayer and meditation, in discussion and the reading of the papers prepared beforehand by the various friends.

The 'Winter School at Adelaide consists of intensive study classes, three a day, held over a weekend. A wider range of subjects was covered than in previous sessions. The subjects are presented in lectures for general discussion. Among the themes developed in this way are Baha history, the principles of the Faith, its laws and its social order. In August, , a session was conducted for four days. After three days of intensive study and discussion, the final day was devoted to a meeting for invited guests at which a Baha address was delivered by Mr.

Cancelled in , at a time when invasion of the country seemed imminent, the program was carried out in Bradford, at the. By conditions had become more favorable and the School was held in a lovely house in the heart of Warwickshire. At these places permanent facilities have been developed. In addition, regional conferences held in Canada and in the Southern States have maintained study courses.

Indeed, the local Assemblies likewise, some of them for many years, have sponsored community study classes conducted at weekly intervals throughout the year, and the same method has been. At Geyserville, for example, the report for states: ttThe program was planned to meet the twin objectives indicated in the Guardian's letters, namely, to present the Faith capably to interested people on the one hand, and on the other hand to deepen our knowledge of the Writings and to develop new teachers. There were new courses, and new approaches to familiar subjects.

Its aim was to give a broad concept of the scope of the Cause and to impart some of its power. Another innovation was tQues-tions rrequently Asked By Inquirers,' which together with tBh"' Administration,' tTeaching Laboratory,' and trublic Speaking' made up the curriculum for teacher training. By special arrangement the Geyser-yule School Committee also that same year conducted a session in the San Francisco Bay region from March 29 to April 3, with afternoon and evening classes. The afternoon classes were concerned primarily with teaching techniques and their practice.

Great emphasis is laid at the Lou-helen School on youth sessions, and these have proved very successful. The teaching method in operation has been the intimate discussion group conducted by a Latin American expert or by a Eabi'i who has tad firsthand experience in the field. The sublects studied were: IslAm; The Influence of. Children's art classes, study of Spanish, and a youth week were also conducted. The youth program was planned by the young believers themselves.

Public education, it is said, has entered a period of crisis. In avoiding sectarianism it has abandoned religion; in remaining neu. The boundaries between opinion and truth, between group pressure and authority, between education for career and education for lift, have become submerged. Civilization can never be restored as a pattern centered upon science, any more than the medieval church can reassume its sway.

Human intelligence unfolds only to the degree that it has a body of spiritual truth to compose the knowable universe. Radio is one of the signs of a universal age. It commits the world to the principle of oneness; it raises society from the plane of instinct to the realm of conscious knowledge. When humanity becomes an audience, the only endurable speaker is he who speaks with the voice of God.

Like all things of earth, radio attains its maturity of power and its ultimate usage by degrees. It has been the sickly infant, the dependent child, the assertive youth; but its future condition can even now be discerned as we see how it is needed by the heads of states for encouraging and guiding whole populations through the days of peril.

The present impressive manifestations of its influence point to the time when the peril, the guidance, the way is more than national; worldwide and truly human. Radio at the same time is fully selective of theme as well as of space; like the man of greatness, who lives in his village and his nation while living in the world. Though its collective capacity in any specialized field seems weak and inadequate, capacity is born out of passionate resolve pius experience. One script was taken from the writings of the late Dr. Esslemont; the other two were prepared by Mrs.

These broadcasts were well received. Not oniy inquiries but at least one confirmation re-suited. Spiritual Assembly reports that radio has been employed whenever opportunity arose, but the broadcasting stations are reluctant to have radio used for religious discussion in view of the fact' that the number of religions and sects which might subsequently clamor for radio time would be so vast as to debar any other topic. In North America the four successive annual reports of the Radio Committee are drawn upon for the following summary: From to , one hundred and seventy-eight copies of radio scripts were distributed by the Committee on request.

The Kenosha, Milwaukee and Racine Assemblies combined in sponsoring a series of ten broadcasts. Twenty-five scripts were sent to Philip Sprague during his visit to South America and were translated into Spanish for a radio series of two onehalf hour periods a week. The same scripts were later translated into Portuguese by Lenora Holsapple for radio use in Brazil. Amelia Collins broadcast in Buenos Aires.

The following year the Committee mentions forty-six broadcasts given by Mrs. Walter delivered twenty-six talks on the Faith. Nina Matvhisen carded out an extensive program in Racine. The Urbana Assembly continued to make frequent use of a station in Champaign. In Port Huron, Michigan, Mrs.

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Edna Ketels was invited many times to speak over the local station. Report On Animal Magnetism. L Etoile Flamboyante. Geschichte Der Menschlichen Narrheit. Life Of The Count Cagliostro. Animal Magnetism Displayed. Universal Fortune Teller. Vie De Joseph Balsamo Cagliostro. Die Naturliche Magie.

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