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He thought nothing could become more important to him than Ornoz. He was wrong. When his path crosses that of one beautiful werewolf, Hareem is torn between love and duty. For Hareem, Taryn Lovington, his mate, is perfect. But their bond is taboo. Trying to protect Taryn, Hareem sends him away. When Taryn is attacked by vampires, a chain of events is set into motion that reveals an unexpected enemy. Forced into unlikely alliances, cornered by the selfish desires of others, Hareem has to build a safer world, one where he and Taryn would be free to love each other.

When he is captured by a draechen patrol, he finds someone who might be more important to him than freedom itself. His mate, Caelyn Sutharlainn. Caelyn is a sprite, belonging to a species that tried to cooperate with the nearly omnipotent draechen. Together, the two attempt to flee the draechen forces. But does their love have a chance of holding its own against an empire?

Can the werewolf and the sprite find their way in a world that refuses to accept them? Get A Copy. More Details Chronicles of the Shifter Directive 1. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Werewolf's Way , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

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It was agony. Visit our Help Desk Contact Us. Hyacinth has finished her series and we are just made to be teased into waiting anxiously on the sidelines. This is Book 1 of 7 in the Chronicles of the Shifter Directive series. Do they make it?

Aug 21, Karel rated it liked it Shelves: nomance. Well hell, this is a pleasant surprise. I won't mince words: Scarlet Hyacinth has been on my lousy list for a while now, ever since I read several of the Mate or Meal books. They had awful writing, and the characters behaved like five-year-olds trapped in the body of an adult male with a penis they don't know what to do about.

Imagine my surprise with this book then. The world is buil Well hell, this is a pleasant surprise. The world is built well, the characters are lovable and most importantly, act like people , the writing of reasonable quality, and it doesn't dismiss the rise and fall of empires within three sentences.

Don't get me wrong. It's by no means excellent - I'm not ready to stretch my compliments that far just yet - but so far it has all the makings of a really good series. If there's one thing I'll nitpick on, it's that the book drags on a bit too long, but even that is just the grouch in me. Extremely readable and a great book to add to a fantasy-starved MM bookshelf. Jun 29, Hc rated it really liked it Shelves: mm , shifters-canine , shifters , mpreg , yearreview , species-fairy-elf , pub-siren. I had this all typed out and upon hitting save my internet went down and review went bye bye Lets see if I remember what I was saying..

Good start to a new series. This story was just a kicker to introduce you to the world. The MC's needed a lot of help to get through. On the journey though we are introduced to Karein dreachen meaning dragon who at first seems like the ultimate evil foe. We learn though that this is just a facade.. He sees why the directive began and also now sees where it i I had this all typed out and upon hitting save my internet went down and review went bye bye He sees why the directive began and also now sees where it is has headed south. The reasons for its inception no longer apply except to further the gains of the dreachen Emperor.

I actually found his charterer to be the most interesting and he isn't truly a main character As I've already seen the blurb for the next book, as I was hoping, we will get to see a more in depth look into this more complex character and should prove to be entertaining. View 2 comments. Jul 03, Ericka Walden rated it really liked it. Hated it Loved it once again. Was on the edged if my seat Wanted to throw my Kindle. Put said Kindle down Picked it back up. Laughed, gave the Kindle the '' Are you freakin kidding Me'' look, cheered, sighed, got to the end with a smile and said If you read not only the blurb but the free Companion guide to this series, you'll get an excellent idea of this fascinating new world Sca 4.

If you read not only the blurb but the free Companion guide to this series, you'll get an excellent idea of this fascinating new world Scarlet brings to her readers. There's no way I can do it justice So if you are having any doubts, check out the companion guide. Hey, it's Free!

The Dark History of Werewolves in Europe (Occult History Explained)

And I'm sure you'll be hooked and invested in this series just like I am. Glad I didn't throw my Kindle But I would have missed the awesome cliffhanger at the end. And y'all know I hate cliffhangers! But Dayum! View all 3 comments. Apr 16, rated it it was ok Shelves: g-para-shifters , t-bigotry-prejudice-racism , t-fated-mates , t-military-govt-past-current , t-virgin-or-butt , c-mm-or-mmm , t-pregnancy-baby-kids , g-para-nonshiftfang , t-violence , t-kidnap-hostage This couple didn't gel with me at all The next seems more interesting so I'll give the next a go and then decide on the rest of the series.

Dec 17, DaisyGirl rated it really liked it Shelves: lendable-kindle , other-steamy , mpreg , romance-fantasy , romance-pnr , i-own , m-m , genre-romance. Granted, some things irked me but overall it was a very entertaining read that got me hooked on the series. What did I like? What didn't I like? That kinda blew. I don't miiiind view spoiler [MPreg hide spoiler ] , per se. I'm not exactly a fan but I can sorta deal. But to just throw it out there with no explanation?

Um, th 4. Um, that's a tough sell. And it was especially so in this book because of the second thing I didn't quite like Okay, I'm not losing it I realize that I listed the characters in my "Like" column. It's a testament to how much I was enjoying myself with this story because chick-with-a-dick is almost always a total buzz kill for me. But I was rolling along all happy and shit Granted, I recovered like a champ and this book was a win in the end but still Bottom line: Close call with a potential buzz kill but, ultimately, this was a wonderful start to an intriguing series.

I can't wait to read book 2! Nov 30, Jenni Lea rated it really liked it Shelves: mpreg , growl-and-howl , kobo-palooza , guilty-pleasures. So much better than I thought it would be! I'm happily surprised and jumping on the next book immediately. View 1 comment.

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May 03, Daesy rated it really liked it Shelves: stars , may-be-good , romance , mpreg , no-rape-or-cheat , love , mates , priority , 1-char-is-a-virgin , m-m-romance-fantasy. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The Draechen won the war and controll now all the other species, now their slaves.

There are 9 classes and to the lowest they put werewolves and vampires, each day they get hunted and suffer a terrible fate, for years Alpha Graham and his pack, were able to hide, till one night they get ambushed by the Draechen's princes, Karein and his brother. To help his brother and pack run,Graham lets the princes capture him, in his mind there is only one thought, he will escape and come back to them.

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Caelyn is a sprite, a noble and part of one of the higher classes and his parents want him to mate one of the Draechen's princes, Karein, to receive a better rank. Caelyn dreamed all his life to find that one person destined to him, but sure as hell that person will never be the Dog-Catcher nickname of the prince, that hunts werewolves. When he arrives at the emperor's residence, he doesnt expect himself to feel almost happy to be there. Only later, at the feast in his family's honour he understands why he was so on edge. From the door enter the prisoners the princes bought today from their hunt, and among them there is a man that Caelyn feels is his true mate.

He found him, in the worst possible way, and he cant help him. Caelyn is shocked and almost runs to the wolf, and only a voice in his mind stops him, he cant possibly feel the wolf's voice yet, bcs they are not bonded and shouldnt be able to communicate like this, but their bond is stronger than he imagined and the wolf too recognized him at first sight. He cant help him now, but later he will do all he can to make his mate escape, he is so angry that for a moment his powers get out of controll and with his telekinesis he shakes the room. Karein that is near him, takes him away and in that precise moment, Graham understands the nature of their relationship, that man touches his mate as his lover, and the jealousy is killing him.

Karein excuses himself telling Caelyn that they will talk when he will be back. In the following days, Caelyn comes up with a plan to free his true mate from the prison,however he understands that alone he doesnt have any chance to be successful, so he calls his best friend Sari, a fae's prince. Is finally the day when he will free his mate, but the luck wants is the same day when Karein returns. The prince doesnt trust Caelyn he knows he is up to something and he is sure, the fault is of that wolf,Graham. Is the day of their engagement's feast and they are dancing, when Karein tells Caelyn he doesnt trust him.

The sprite is shocked and thinks that is plan will be a failure, but in that same moment an explosion distracts all the guests and the blackout that follows, makes him able to escape. Sari's men help him get out of the residence and tell him to not stop, bcs another group is helping Graham escape and they must go. Graham hears the explosion and doesnt understand what's going on, days before Caelyn had come to him, masking his true identity with a spell, but he knew was him the same. Caelyn had cleaned his wounds and feed him, and when parting had whispered him that he would save him.

Graham cant belive that this day has finally arrived. He is running, followed by his saviors, when Karein stops them. The 2 start to fight, but Graham knows he is no match for the prince, this doesnt mean that he will stop fighting, the things that surprises him, is that he actually is able to hit the prince at all. Karein pushes him back with his magic, and Graham knows that he will get killed, he tells the prince that no one will ever love him, and his harsh words seem to be a worst hit to the prince than his blows. He has the time to get up, and while Phil one of his saviors and best friend, shoots the Prince's shoulder he is also able to run away.

He turns back one time, and he meets the prince's eyes, he knows that if the man wanted he could get up and kill them all, but he is letting them go and he cant understand why. Phil is also one of Graham past lovers, but this didnt annoy me since the author doesnt explain anything about their past relationship so we can think what we want, she tells us only that they had stopped their relationship knowing they werent mates and that they are best friends since many years Finally Graham his reunited with his mate, their passion is palpable, but at the same time this isnt the time to explore their bodies, they are not alone on the plane.

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Caelyn is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and he is angry at the thought of what the prince has done to him, the younger man feels his sadness and anger and to Graham's surprise confesses him that he is still a virgin. The wolf thinks that this is to good to be true, but he can feel that his mate is not lying, he feels his innocence, and he knows he is really lucky.

With the help of Raul, one of the fae working for Sari, they receive new identities and start their search for a place to live. Along the way, they succumb to passion. Caelyn seduces Graham with his inexperienced and eager touches,and to avoid getting themselves killed while driving, they stop to a motel. There, they make love for the first time and become mates. This scene was beautiful, Graham is gentle and protective, he wants all the best for Caelyn and he is able to restrict his desires to make this the best first time ever for his mate, his angel how he calls the sprite.

Caelyn that started as a shy character, is evolving, and we already saw he is smart and brave, but here we see also he is not a fragile and scared being, he asks to his beloved the nickname he gave to the wolf for more and lets him understand that this is all he wanted, that this is his choice and he would never change it.

Their bond is now effective and they are now able to communicate with their minds. They leave the motel, and Graham decides to take Caelyn to meet his family, but things dont go as he expected, only his brother Stuart is happy for him, the others see Caelyn as an enemy and someone that will make them all get killed with Karein's revenge. They need to leave and Graham leaves his pack to his brother. Caelyn is sad bcs for him the wolf is leaving his family, but Graham tells him that the sprite did the same thing for him, and he would never make a different choice, bcs for him Caelyn will always come first.

A few hours later,Luck wants that their car breaks down. A woman helps them and takes them to the nearest town. There they are able to fix the car, but they make also some friends. Caelyn and Graham decide that maybe they can stay for some time in this town. A month passes and now Caelyn is working at the cafe,propriety of that woman's ucle, while Graham is working for the mechanic that helped them with the car weeks ago. They are happy and today is also their anniversary, one month since their first time, the time when they become mates.

To celebrate Graham's organizes a picnic for them. In these scenes we see how much they love each other, all the time they make love is sexy, but is so much more than only that. The author describes their feelings really well and moves the reader. When Graham asks Caelyn to marry him, his so damn sweet and all of u will wish to have a love like theirs, trust me.

A few weeks later they marry and they invite to the cerimony all their new human friends. They cant invite their paranormal friends since the possibility of being found by Karein is still high and they are still hiding. The cerimony is over and Graham takes his husband to their room, there he pushes his angel on the bed and starts to kiss him.

Caelyn tells him to dont destroy his dress since he wants their son to use it when he will marry.

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Werewolf's Way [Chronicles of the Shifter Directive 1] (Siren Publishing Epic, ManLove) - Kindle edition by Scarlet Hyacinth. Download it once and read it on. awiqutyl.tk: Werewolf's Way [Chronicles of the Shifter Directive 1] (Siren Publishing Epic Romance, Manlove) (Chronicles of the Shifter Directive - Siren.

Graham is shocked and for a few minutes he doesnt speak. He asks how is possible, and Caelyn humors him, telling that he should know how this is possible. The wolf is so happy and this scene was awesome.

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I was so happy for them, i almost cried. Graham doesnt want to hurt the baby, so he asks if they can still make love and Caelyn smiles and tells him that yes, he must do it or he will do it alone XD Graham was always gentle with Caelyn, but now he is really careful and every little gasp makes him slow down, till Caelyn loses his patience and takes matters in his own hands, and i really liked him here ROLF. Sadly the morning after shits hits the fan. When Graham wakes up he finds out that Kerein is sitting on a chair and watching them. Caelyn wakes up feeling Graham's fear through their mate bond.

Graham feels Caelyn despair, and he knows he must do all he can to save his mate and their child. He tells Caelyn to run, while he and Karein are fighting, but when the prince hits the wolf, Caelyn runs to his mate and tells him he cant leave him. Caelyn asks the prince to spare their lives and the other man tells them that they shouldnt fear him but his father.

Caelyn knows that he has one last weapon he can use, his beauty. Also if it kills him to think of being intimate with another man and most of all infront of his mate, he would do all he can to save them. He says to Graham that he is sorry and the wolf's pain at the thought of what he is gonna do, almost kills him and me omfg was painful. Luckly the prince stops him, before anything happens, telling him to dont humiliate himself or him, faking to have an interest in him.

The prince then tells Caelyn that something is different in him, and using his powers he tries to understand what this is. When he understands that he is with child he tells them they are 2 stupid to bring a child in this, to save this child the prince tells them that he will help them trick his father, but they'll need to follow all that he will say. Karein is actually a good man, he is only following his orders, and he feels lonely. He never wanted to mate with a man he doesnt even know, he had proposed to Caelyn only bcs his family had said him to.

He doesnt want the child to suffer, he doesnt want the lower classes to suffer like this, but he knows that alone he cant do anything. He is only sure of one thing, if his father finds out that Sari the fae helped Graham and Caelyn there will be a war. Karein's plan is simple they need to fake their deads, but before that they need to make a show for his parents, as the emperor commands them too.

Graham has to fight 2 Draechen, and if he loses the other 2 men will take his mate infront of all the audience. Caelyn thinks that Graham will die and with their minds communication he asks Graham to let him be with the Draechen, but Graham tells him, he would never let them touch him. He needs to win. With the help of Caelyn's powers, in the end, he is able to win, but the emperor asks them to do one more thing. To have sex infront of all the others there. I didnt like how this scene started, and i feared that Caelyn would be raped. The good thing is that Graham will be the one to have sex with Caelyn, since he won the match.

Thank the gods for this, bcs i would have hated something else, sure as hell is not nice to make love to your mate where all can see, but in the end they love each other. Their love making is not like the Draechen's emperor and most of his ppl had expected, he thought it would be rushed and without care for the sprite, but we see that at the end a lot of them feel like voyeur to have watched something so gentle and full of love, that should have been private. The emperor knows that his order didnt have the effect the had hoped for and asks Karein to kill the 2 lovers.

Karein already knew that he would receive this order and as part of his plan,is in this precise moment that Caelyn must use his spell to fake their deads. To all the rest they seem dead and now is the time to take them out of the room. With his 2nd in command help, Karein takes the 2 lovers to Phil and leaves them there. Graham wakes up days later, but when he searches for his mate,Phil tells him that Caelyn is still unconscious, and Graham fears for his mate and their child life. Once again is Sari help that will save them both. I really love Sari and I'm happy his father the king and his moster the high priestess love him also if he is an illegitimate son, Sari riskes all for his friends and he is loyal, brave and i hope all will go well for him in the 2nd book, he deserves to be happy.

With Sari's healing abilities, finally Caelyn wakes up, and soon after they start another journey with Sari taking them to Eternelle. The place where hundreds of years ago all had started, and that now is a sacre place guarded by the fae. We are now at the end of the book. We see Caelyn and Graham living together in Eternelle and being happy.

All still think that they were killed, also their human friends, that in reality knew about their true identities and now want to revenge their deads. Sari comes to visit them time to time and to ask how the pregnancy is going, and in one of these visit he tells them, that he is being summoned by his father, if we read the start of the 2nd book we all know for which reason. Time to read book 2!!! I liked this one i will give a 4. Sep 19, Claudia rated it did not like it Shelves: m-m , romance , lgbt , dnf , paranormal. I did not finish this book but I was seriously annoyed and just did not want to.

Nov 30, Xing marked it as dnf. Werewolf's Way is a modern day fantasy involving supernatural species shifters and magical beings living in human secrecy. There is a caste system involving the shifters, with the dragon shifters holding authority as the most powerful. The reason why I quit so early was because I couldn't really get into the author's writing style. It was reminiscent of Amber Kell, which didn't work for me. There was a lot of things "suddenly" happening, and I couldn't feel drawn into this modern day fantasy.

I think this is a "me" problem as opposed to the author, so I wouldn't discourage anyone from giving this a try. Perhaps be cautious and read a sample before going ahead with the purchase. A very exciting start for a new series! I was totally hooked by the twists and turns, the action, and the sweet and sizzling scenes. I can't believe the MCs actually got out of the predicament they were in. Can't wait for more!

Jul 26, multitaskingmomma rated it it was amazing Shelves: mm-romance-paranormal , favorites. Review: Chronicles of the Shifter Directive Series by Scarlet Hyacinth My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars I have just discovered a new fantasy series that has me in knots and driven me to bite my nails in anticipation for the events that are quickly unfolding. I decided to write one review for the three books not only to save time, but to guarantee that all should not miss out on this new Scarlet Hyacinth creation that has made me reassess her talent as a storyteller.

We both concluded that this is our newest favorite series and cannot wait for the third installment. When reading this series, just like any of the best fantasy fiction out there, it is best to read this in order of publication. There is no going around this for the stories flow into each other and continue where the previous book left off. But as his two hundredth birthday approaches, his time is running out. Without a mate, he risks being killed by his own people. To top things off, his father, the draechen emperor, arranges his marriage with a fae, Sari Norrenddare.

A political match is the last thing Karein needs. Or so he thinks, until he meets Sari. The moment he sets his eyes on the beautiful fae, Karein realizes Sari is his true mate. Can the strength of one mate bond change the destinies of two peoples and save the paranormal world from chaos? I love my dragons and I love my fantasy books, especially when it involves all things fantastical like magic, fae, dragons, and other paranormal beings of the physical and spiritual world. I usually grab these books and just inhale the stories but then get frustrated when the stories just don't make the cut for me.

This is a story about shifters and how their history affected a change that resulted to a Directive that placed the different species in order of Castes with the resulting caste-related bigotry and their world under the firm grip of the Draechen or Dragon shifters. As the centuries passed, the Directive became a choke collar that was hard to live with and even those who were in power started questioning its validity in the present world.

Deep in the heart of this arc are two men who sacrificed their love and lives for the good of all: fae prince Talrasar Myrthylar and his dragon mate Kaelezrin Tersain. Theirs is the Great Sacrifice that ensured the existence of the Directive and yet theirs is the same story that should guarantee the end of it.

Woven in are the many major characters. Their relationship spark off a scandal of such proportion that guarantee other shifters like Black Dragon Prince Shtama karein Tersain and his mate, Prince Sareltae Sari of Draechen's Mate, to question the Directive even harder as they realize they are true mates themselves. The lives of these four men, plus those of the minor characters, are ingeniously written to gurantee readers a fantastic read. At the back of the reader's minds is always the question of the two sacrificed princes.

There is romance, yes, but the readers are also guaranteed some bit of erotica between gorgeous men, a lot of magic and some shape-shifting action that if one were to expect this to be made into a movie, the budget itself would bankrupt a small third world country.