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As for reading: it was a good year. I read books, and only hated a few of them. Well, it turned out he was right. I existed in the book! How crazy is that? What else? On a personal note, I also went to Sweden and Finland for a week in , and had a great time! I took precisely one photo.

Here it is:. Hope you enjoy! I devoured this book in one sitting. What happened to make this brain? Loory is the psychedelic Aesop of our modern age, the king of talking birds and frogs, characters named war and peace, the Apuleuis of the internet generation. His words are full of swords and wings. Get ready. To learn—with brevity and clarity—the laws of this universe next door, new rules of logic and contradiction and truth.

And, in the end, to be left with the disturbing and wondrous feeling of having never left home at all. Perfect for reading on strange beaches and by oddly-shaped swimming pools. Fits right in your pocket or purse for emergency doses of the charming and weird. Easily read, not easily forgotten. Like listening to Mick and Keef not talk about Altamont? Probably there is a war going on somewhere, but these cool, dazzling little tales will never let on. Or add it to your Goodreads shelf here. Well, it was a good year for reading— at least partially because I got rid of the internet.

I read books, I think? Keating list of the Best Mysteries of All Time. I read a lot of books off that list, and got more and more confused, until I finally decided that whoever H.

Keating is, our tastes are Very Different. Alling, Meredith. Sing the Song Allingham, Margery. The Tiger in the Smoke Austen, Jane. Northanger Abbey Bachelder, Chris. The Throwback Special Baldwin, James. Another Country Banks, Iain M. The Deadly Percheron Barron, Laird, ed. The Croning. Beatty, Paul. The Sellout Bellow, Saul. The Private Wound Bloch, Robert. The Dead Beat Bly, Carol.

Green for Danger Brown, Fredric. Here Comes a Candle Brown, Fredric. The Fabulous Clipjoint. Brown, Fredric. The Far Cry Butler, Octavia. Bloodchild and Other Stories Butler, Octavia. Kindred Butler, Octavia. Speaker for the Dead Carlson, Ron. The High Window Chase, Joan.

During the Reign of the Queen of Persia. Chaze, Elliott. The Fountains of Paradise Cline, Emma. The Girls Collins, Wilkie. The Moonstone Compton-Burnett, Ivy. Death in a Tenured Position Crumley, James.

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The Best Horror of the Year Vol. The Incomplete Enchanter. Delany, Samuel. About Writing Delany, Samuel. The Ballad of Beta-2 Delany, Samuel. The Jewels of Aptor Dickinson, Peter. The 42nd Parallel Dos Passos, John. The Big Money Dunsany, Lord. Dunsany, Lord. Time and the Gods Ellin, Stanley. The Horizontal Man Evenson, Brian. A Collapse of Horses Evenson, Brian. Father of Lies Evenson, Brian. Immobility Evenson, Brian. Last Days Everett, Percival. Young Lonigan. Fleming, Joan. Crackpot Palace Gordimer, Nadine.

Growth of the Soil Hansen, Joseph. Skinflick Hartwell, David, ed. Himes, Chester. A Rage in Harlem Himes, Chester. Platform Houston, Pam. Place the muffin tin into the brick oven 10 and wait for the biscuits to cook. Use it on the pile of dirt 2. Zoom in on the hole to trigger a mini puzzle. Find the unique worm in each round then take WORM. Return to Hallow Hills.

Enter the Shed. Click on the reel and find its fragments to obtain the REEL 6.

Green Eyed Monster

Zoom in on the table 7. Put the Fishing Rod together 8. Click on the wooden toolbox and complete the HOS 9. Enter the Cottage and zoom in on the cutting board 5. Zoom in on the cauldron 1. Grandma fades away, leaving her scissors on the floor. The bird flies down for a drink. The bird flies away, leaving a key. Return to the Cottage and zoom in on the clock on the mantle 2. Place the gears on the correct pegs 3. Pull the red handle 4. Click on the dog 5.

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Take the bone from the nest and give it to the dog 6. Push the button 7. Return upstairs to the Hallway and zoom in on the door with a magnifying glass-shaped indentation. Talk to the Investigator then, collect the gold coins. Click on the pile of trash to trigger an HOS 4. Zoom in on the butcher window 5. Zoom in on the writing table 2. Arrange the paper to form a completed note then use Ink Remover Brush on the stain 4 four times to reveal a number tile.

Return to the Town Square and zoom in on the butcher window. Zoom in on the Post Office Boxes 1. Swap numbers until the sum of a row totals the number to the left of the row 2. Click the button to turn on its light. Match all the shapes. Go to the Town Square and zoom in on door 27 in Scarecrow Alley 1. Zoom in on the painting hanging beside the basement door to trigger a mini-puzzle 2. Find all 15 eyes in the picture 3. The painting falls, revealing a wall safe. Zoom in on the urn beside the front door 4. Zoom in on the kitchen drawer 1. Return to the Shed.

Zoom in on the sealed can 2. Zoom in on the loosely-sewn chair cushion 3 , and pull open the stitches to reveal a lock piece. Zoom in on the wall safe 4. Click on the handle to trigger a mini-puzzle 6. Swap the pieces so that no piece is duplicated in any row or column 7. Enter the basement. Click on the light switch to turn on the light 1. The butcher slams the door shut and locks you in. Zoom in on the metal box on the table 4. Click on the empty vial to break it. Zoom in on the bag and take the ACID.

Use the ACID on the bars at the base of the wall 6. Push the green button 7. A portrait appears on the wall 8. Zoom in on the portrait to trigger a mini-puzzle. Swap the sections to make a complete picture 1. The wall disappears, revealing a secret room. Click on the saw and find its fragments to obtain the SAW 5. Use the SAW on the large pipe to reveal a grate 6. Zoom in on the grate. Click on the grate. It falls to the floor.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Big Bow Mystery, by I. Zangwill.

Climb out the opening to return to the Town Square. He apprehends the Butcher and takes him away. Zoom in on the Fog Tower 2. Use the ACID on the metal ring 3. Zoom in on the armoire 4. The armoire blasts open. Zoom in on the armoire.

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The Jewelry Box opens. Zoom in on the Snow Globe on the table 1. Zoom in on the snow globe again to trigger a mini-puzzle. Click on the lights in the correct order 2. Click on the harp to reveal a clock showing 3. Move the combination button to the combination lock 4.

Set the combination lock to 5. Push the combination button.

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Click on the star boxes to match the constellation shown below it 6. When complete, press the red button. Return to the Grand Room and zoom in on the mantle. Zoom in on the reeds in the vase beside the fireplace. Go upstairs to the hallway and zoom in on the door with a tear-shaped indentation. Click on the cemetery gate and find the fragments of the lock to open the gate 1.

By I. Zangwill

Go through the gate to enter the Graveyard. Then collect the gold coins. Return to the Graveyard and zoom in on the Gryphon 1. The Gryphon is set free. Zoom in on the crypt door to trigger a mini-puzzle 3. Click on the 15 skulls in the fresco to open the door 4. Click on the open crypt door to trigger an HOS. Return to the Lost Garden and zoom in on the Sun Pedestal 1. Note: the blue gem is the one you placed on the pedestal. Then, go into the Waterfall Cavern and collect the gold coins.

A piece falls to the floor. Zoom in on the Mortar and Pestle 1. Use the pestle to create mud. Take the MUD from the Mortar. On the wall, click on the sun diagram and find its fragments to allow light to flood the chamber 2. Zoom in on the brick molds 3. Add MUD to each mold. Place the bricks in the correct holes to repair the bridge 5. Click on the wooden box to trigger a mini-puzzle 6. Place the runes in the correct slots 7. Climb the stone staircase to the Lookout and collect the gold coins. Return to the Lookout.

Zoom in on the glass coffin 6. Zoom in on the shrine. Rotate the vines until they all connect 5. Return to the Waterfall Cavern and zoom in on the statue 7. Return to the Lookout and zoom in on the coffin 2. She awakens. Zoom in on the coffin again. Zoom in on the Harp 5.

Click the button on the bird 7 and enter the sequence on the harp: A, D, B. The second sequence is: C, E, A, B. Return to the Graveyard and zoom in on the bird cage 8. The raven flies away. Return to the Lost Garden and talk to the Girl. Return to the Waterfall Cavern and zoom in on the weeping Statue 1. Return to the Graveyard and zoom in on the planter which contains an Iron Rose 4.

Move the dial 1 and hands 2 onto the watch 3. Click the winding stem 4. Move the pipe piece 5 to the pipe 6 and fasten it with the two bolts 7.

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I exhaled and went to my seat. When we walked out of class, the air was full of swirling bits of white. It never did; he continued to sit so still it looked like he wasn't breathing. Not that I write basically for children. Thanks for Curiosity Quills Press for giving me a copy of this for review. So when your main character makes your critique group snooze, think about that single powerful word, envy. This dual apperception does break down occasionally.

Place the coal 8 in the furnace 9. Light the coal with a lit match. Place the two train wheels 10 onto the train Place the valve 12 on the hole Click the valve to turn it on. Place the bulb 14 into the socket Click the blue and red levers 16 to light the bulb. Press the red button 17 to complete the puzzle. You obtain the now-living ROSE from the planter. Return to the Grand Room and zoom in on the mantle 1. Place the ROSE in the vase 2. Move each gem into the slot with a matching symbol 5. The ring destroys the house Grim created to trap you. You and Sarah are set free.