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Recent Developments Regarding Concordat
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The Regulation on Concordat Commissar regulates the subject of educational requirements of the concordat commissar. Accordingly, the commissar is obliged to receive fundamental education that consists of thirty-six course hours. Moreover, the commissars are required to obtain renewal education of no less than twelve hours, once in every three years.

Education requirements for concordat commissariat given prior to entry into force of the Regulation on Concordat Commissar shall not be taken into consideration in the application for registration to the list of commissars.

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Fundamental education shall be given by academicians who hold the title of professor, associate professor, or doctor, in the fields of civil procedure law, bankruptcy law, civil law, commercial law, administration, economy, finance or accounting. According to the regulation, academicians who hold the title of professor, associate professor, or doctor, in the fields of civil procedure law, bankruptcy law, civil law, commercial law, administration, economy, finance or accounting are exempt from the mandatory commissariat educational requirements.

The obligations of the concordat commissar are regulated under the Regulation on Concordat Commissar. Accordingly, the commissar shall be impartial and objective in his duty and must personally perform his duty.

Additionally, during the course of his duty, and after the termination of his duty, the commissar shall keep secret all the information that he became privy to due to his profession, shall not use the information he garnered due to his profession, or title, or authority, to gain benefit for himself or for a third party, nor shall he accept any gifts or act as intermediary. Moreover, the advertising ban for commissars is stipulated under the Regulation on Concordat Commissar. The commissar who violates these obligations under the Regulation on Concordat Commissar shall be dismissed from duty by the court.

This situation shall be notified to the regional board, and in the event the violation also constitutes a crime, the Office of Chief Public Prosecutor shall also be notified. In cases where the concordat is related to these persons, the commissar shall notify the commercial court of first instance that has made the assignment. In the event the court grants the application, the commissar shall be removed from his position. According to the regulation regarding forbidden operations for the commissar, the commissar shall not conclude any contracts on his behalf, or on the behalf of third parties, within the scope of his duty.

In the event the commissar concludes such a contract, the contract shall be invalid.

The Commissar and His Maid

Principles of application to be a commissar, and registration to the list of commissars, are regulated in detail in the Regulation on Concordat Commissar. The interested person shall apply to the regional board of his place of residence or work with the documents specified in the Regulation on Concordat Commissar.

The regional board shall register the relevant person to the list for three years, in the event it confirms that the conditions are satisfied. The court shall choose the commissar from the list that has been drawn up by the relevant regional board. It is regulated under Article 5 of the Regulation on Concordat Commissar that in the event three commissars are assigned, one of them shall be chosen from amongst the independent auditors on the condition of operating in the city of the court.

Thus, the Public Oversight, Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority shall notify the list of the independent auditors that meet the requirements of being a commissar to the regional board for registration.

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No one was home in our apartment for at least an hour after school, so my brother Yuri and I spent those precious moments staring into the pages of Life, with its photographs and advertisements of all those sleek people and those big Cadillacs and the skyscrapers in New York and Chicago.

My imagination would stampede and before I knew it, I was walking around our high-ceilinged parlor with its overstuffed furniture and peeling plaster, pretending I was in a glittering ballroom in Philadelphia. I danced through the ancient odors of boiled cabbage as the after school gloom fell away in the light of some distant candelabra.

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I hated the smell of boiled cabbage. I was sure that Enemy Number One did not smell of boiled cabbage. The copies of Life magazine belonged to my father. Yun and I decided that he had probably smuggled them into Russia after his last trip overseas two years ago. Or maybe he had taken them from someone he had executed. Father was a very important member of the Party. I remember him in those days being a big man with fierce, prowling eyes that burst into their own form of laughter whenever he picked us up and kissed us.

His mustache was like the bristles on a scrubbing brush, and it tickled so much we screamed and threatened to wet our pants.

Father and his friends in the Party and the Army were always scheming to have one another shot. It was just the way life was during the purges, when millions of people were slaughtered by Comrade Stalin. Father kept the Life magazines in a locked, hidden compartment in the parlor wall. He thought no one knew about this compartment, but Yuri and I knew about it because we had spied on him one night when he had come down to the parlor to get one of his balloons. His balloons and Life magazine were the only things he kept in the hidden wall compartment. The first time we opened the compartment and took out one of the balloons, we didn t know what it was for.

"Conduct merciless mass terror": decossackization on the Don, 1919

It was white and rubbery and rolled up so it formed a perfect little circle. It came in a small package with English writing on it.

Yuri unrolled the balloon and blew it up, occasionally letting air out of it in small farting bursts that made us laugh. Then he let the balloon go and it shot across the room like a demented airship, crashing into the portrait of Stalin that hung near the wood stove. When Yuri tried to blow up the balloon again, he found it was impossible. There was a tiny hole in it. We didn t know what the balloon was for, but we knew that Father would thrash us if he knew we had been playing with it.

He didn t keep things in the hidden compartment for nothing. So we rolled it up very carefully and put it back. In he was the most promising spy Russia had ever smuggled into the United States. By he was one of the richest capitalists in the world. The Commissar's Report begins deep in the doldrums of the s. He's simply bonkers about all the things that make America great: the Brooklyn Dodgers, Cadillac convetibles, Bloomingdale's, Life, Time, Fortune , and pink flamingos.

His first problem is that, as a Russian spy, he's supposed to be hatching plots to conquer the good old U. Worse still, he's becoming, through no fault of his own, one of the wealthiest capitalists in the world. Dimitri's dilemma is rooted in the dark, deadly days of post-war Stalinist Russia when his father, a member of the secret police, smuggled home contraband copies of Life magazine. While Dad was at the office liquidating his rivals, Dimitri and his brother were furtivel6y reading Life at home in the Worker's paradise.

We soared in its planes and raced in its Buicks Suddenly wew were in Florida, where the nightclub echoed to Latin musica and gangsters with blondes sat in velvet chairs It was the women of Enemy Number One that sent us into ecstasy. The brassiere ads totally wiped us out, as they say. We sat there gaping at these nearly naked creatures with their two white shiny cones beckoning us to illicit thrills.

There was nothing like them in our city. All the women were like our mother.