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What is Blue Society?
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The Blue Society encapsulates a vision for society in which people benefit from the Oceanís vast potential while preserving its environmental integrity. Central to . Dive into the Blue Society. Express yourself! The Blue Society sets the Ocean at the heart of our society to achieve sustainable development and human.

And our I. Our Aug meeting will be at Crafted Keg, Wed.

It was motioned by Dennis, seconded by Elaine. Vince is doing a.

Towards the Blue Society

The Barnstormers will be coming. For outdoor live music. We should go to Facebook, invite friends. Elaine motioned to adjourn meeting for now. And Dennis seconded it. It was passed by majority vote. Secretary, Treasure Coast Blues Society.

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Featured Products. The Showcase was decided' with Vince Flora's input, to be 2 to 6pm on the 25thSunday afternoon. Advertising for this event will be in South Fla Music magazine per Vince. Imagine microalgae bioreactors extracting atmospheric CO2, and transforming it in mineral carbon.

Tresure Coast Blue Society

Picture a global network of protected marine areas restocking the ocean, feeding humanity and supporting sustainable, yet profitable tourist activities. Imagine coral reefs acting as natural breakwaters and protecting coasts and imagine vast expanses of coastal marshlands cleansing and recycling water. Imagine, too, an aquaculture free at last from the limits of natural resources, providing consumers with abundant seafood, in a sustainable way.

Think about all the substances recently discovered in marine organisms and which, in the future, will be used to fight against disease. Imagine all these benefits as part of sustainable and prosperous new economies, generating millions of jobs and distributed equitably across our planet.

Then, you will have imagined the Blue Society. The Blue Society means using the ocean without diminishing its resources.

Blue Society European Youth Parliament

It means believing in our power, to imagine, to create and to innovate; it means believing in learning from each other and it means believing in sustainable development. I agreed to take the helm, reluctantly.

It's taken me a year to get it back on track as the past president gave us almost no support whatsoever, including passwords to the web page, passwords to be able to receive all the emails as they were sent to a personal account, never forwarding any emails coming into the the Blues Society. Quite frankly it is really sad that I have to put this in writing, as it was very disappointing.

Welcome from the president

I was left at a great disadvantage, but as a charter member of the blue Society I am determined to rebuild it. As you could see by the website we have now a full board of directors. Many people stepped in to help as well as a few have stayed on to continue. Things are doing much better now.

Dive into the Blue Society

We have had monthly meetings for the past 8 months , The website is building slowly as I am the only one working on it. I have welcomed and reached out to blues bands within our footprint, on the Treasure Coast, to submit their listings via email and I will post them on the site. This is our first posting of events coming up. My apology as it may seem a little top-heavy with my events, but we are collecting money and new members at every one of my shows.