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With generally high wealth levels, these areas support a large lawn and garden market. Other key factors include:. Drawing on extensive research, this white paper outlines opportunities and insights into the power lawn and garden equipment industry. You'll learn more about the key factors driving growth and in which countries or regions that impact is strongest.

Interested in more comprehensive market reports o n products related to the lawn care industry and landscaping industry? Check out the following links:. Our goal is to help you better understand your customer, market, and competition in order to help drive your business growth. Market Research Blog.

Sales of Battery-Powered Equipment Rise at a Fast Rate Engine-driven and corded electric products are expected to lose market share to battery-powered equipment. Related Industry Studies Interested in more comprehensive market reports o n products related to the lawn care industry and landscaping industry? Search Blog Posts Search. About This Blog Our goal is to help you better understand your customer, market, and competition in order to help drive your business growth.

Recent Posts. Contact MarketResearch. From Our Blog. In this email, it was mentioned that his true talent was pushing production, getting projects done, and sales as well.

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Two points here. He also mentioned that he hates being in front of the PC. They want to be in front of the computer and they love that stuff. Therefore, give it to them. With your training they will do a better job. Get the work done, work really hard, and do things differently than everybody else. But, at the same time, you can take that too far. You can condition yourself to think that if I just work a little harder, push a little harder, then I will make more money and become successful. You have to make time to think through what the three most important things are. You have to be strategic.

You will deal with them, but they are not going to distract you from the big focus. I believe the only way to get to that point is to get stuff off of your plate. It all goes back to hiring an office person.

It may seem scary but nobody has ever come back and told me that they regretted following that advice. This new outlook and new freedom will allow you to create the new work that will easily pay for that new person and more. You need to be free to work on the big stuff. If you hand those to the person below you to take them over, it frees you up, to move up one step. So, you hand that off to a person in your organization or hire a new person.

Now, you get to move up another stair, and another stair, and you keep doing higher level things in the company. Every time you educate yourself and move to the next level, you pass stuff on to other people and move onto the bigger and bigger stuff. A really, really important topic. Mike is looking for hiring advice on how to find and hire his first office person at his lawn care company. This year has been going really good and really smooth, and thanks to your software, we might even see some growth.

This is an incredibly important topic, and almost everybody I meet is waiting far too long to do this. By the way, Mike is probably one of our first 50 clients at Service Autopilot. How do you believe is best to take on an office person with fair compensation? If they are working from a virtual office, how do you keep tabs on them? What would your plan be for hiring that first office person?

I have dealt with Mike quite a bit over time. He should be spending his time on more important things. I have hosted several round tables where I speak to owners of small businesses. We spend several days working on their businesses, and if they do not already have an office person, I usually advice them to hire one as soon as they return home. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Our very first office hire, when I started my lawn care company, was a stay at home mom that also home schooled her boys.

She still works for us and does a totally fantastic job. Many of these people are experienced and skilled and are simply unable to join the traditional work force. But, they can be an asset to your landscape company, and in exchange for the freedom of working from home, are usually willing to work for a little less.

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That being said, my favored approach is to have people work from the office. Because we are so big on customer service, I like to have everyone here so that we can all work together. I like the culture and the environment of having everyone together. I have been really fortunate in this area. You need to hire quality people. You need a person that just has something innate inside of them. You need someone that can empathize and wants to deliver quality.

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This of course is harder than it sounds. You might just have to do a little trial and error. To do that, you might start out looking at Craigslist. I would also use word of mouth. The home schooling thing is huge and there are a lot of people out there that home school. A person that is willing to stay home to home school their kids, is a different type of person by nature. You might even put the word out at local churches to see if anyone in their congregation is looking for work. I have not done that, but that may be an effective way to find employees.

Next, you really need to consider your personality in all of this. Can you handle not seeing somebody at the office? You might as well setup an office environment. You have to really think about who you are. If your first hire feels a little risky, you might consider a part time position, and then see where that goes. It was just something I found to work out of since it was too hard for me to work at home with my kids when they were little.

That was how I started. Then, as we grew, we got a bigger office. There are some inexpensive ways that you could go about getting started with this, even if you want to bring somebody into your office and have them from day one work from your office. But, really think about part time if this is a big concern for you. One of the activities that most often necessitates having somebody on your team as soon as possible is that the phone is not getting answered when it rings. The calls are rolling to voicemail. If you hire someone that works from home to work the phones, I have found that having them track their time does not work.

It is a nightmare to have them track their time on calls. This, of course, comes after they have worked with you and have earned a little trust with you. Also, sit down and make a list of all of the things you need them to do. Are they going to answer phones, prep mailers and door hangers, write hand written thank you notes to new clients?

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What are the to dos that they can take care of? Prioritize them and that then becomes their job description.

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Keep looking. Make this list for you. It will assure you that you have plenty for them to do. It will also lay out for them what you expect and will give you a means to measure whether or not they are performing at the agreed upon expectations. You can work through that list to get them back on course. They know what you expect. At Service Autopilot, we do something called agile development.

Daily scrum is basically where you meet with each person on your team for a very short period of time daily. There are three basic questions that make up a scrum. This will apply to managing your first employee, especially if they are going to work from home. The three questions are: 1. What did I get done today?

What do I need help with? What do I plan to do tomorrow?

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They can send you the answers to these three questions every day. You will get to build a level of trust. You have to be sure and prioritize their daily tasks. It is extremely difficult for a person to have to switch their focus from project mode to answering phone calls. If you need a marketing letter proofread immediately, for example, give them a time frame that they are allowed to miss phone calls to complete this task.

I wanted to point that out because I see this as a real challenge. You can also give them a certain time of day that may not get a lot of calls to put their phone on hold to allow them to work on projects. There are, however, a lot of menial, brainless tasks that can be completed while working the phones.

They can be stuffing, stamping, and hand writing addresses on envelopes. Service Autopilot, or other business management systems work, can be delegated to other people. The owner should not be doing that unless it is the scheduling. It is the life blood of your business and you have to be super careful with that. Only well trained employees should take that scheduling.

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I think that the way you start with this is, you have them take phone calls and charge credit cards. Have them update phone numbers and do things like that. Then, they can create tickets or to-dos for you so that you can edit the schedule as needed. Unique maybe to Service Autopilot, Mike, is that they could log waiting list items. If the client needs to get bush trimming done in two weeks, they can just put that into the waiting list. You can then handle those. The key here, again this is not just Service Autopilot, to any business system, is that when you sweep through and do those things, have them sit with you.

They can start to learn how to do that in the system. This will get them well trained so that they can start doing that themselves. We track every single phone call, every single to-do in our company. I think your new employees can also do basic accounting for you. They should be able to receive check payments and log them, charge credit cards, give clients their account balance, send invoices by email, and print out statements and mail them.

Those are just a few of the activities that your new hire can do. I would think about those ideas and pointers. I have about 45 residential lawns and five commercial accounts. I am wondering if I should invest in better equipment like 32 inch Scags and just run one man crews. With my current density, I can get about 10 to 12 lawns done a day by myself or 15 with a helper using 21 inch mowers. Please help me understand the pros and cons of this.

4 Easy-To-Implement Lawn Care Marketing Strategies

I always see single man crews with fertilization but never in lawn maintenance. I know a guy in my city who does 75 by himself because he has the right equipment and density. It seems like the money I save in labor would well cover the equipment cost. No accountability and morale would be an x-factor, but it seems like one man crews are more efficient and a better way to go. Your thoughts? My thought is no.

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You should not do one man crews. I do not think one man crews are the way to go. I think you should consider two man crews. I actually run three man crews at our company for residential, but I totally see why two man crews are better. Here are some things to consider.

This is even for us as owners. If you happen to have a business partner, your business partner brings a level of accountability to what you get done, what you do, at least if you have any desire to be a performer and hold up your side of the deal within that business. The guy could make an excuse for being late, for example, the customer came out to talk to him. Working in isolation is not that exciting. But, if you put two guys together that work well together and sort of thrive off each other, they can motivate each other when they are tired.

When you think about stuff like that, teams are better. I really believe in the team concept in general. I think teams need to be small. I believe in teams outside of just talking about lawn mowing, lawn care, or landscape crews. I also believe that you can get very close to the same level of efficiency with a two man crew.

For example, if one guy can do 10 properties, two guys should be able to do about The third guy is where I think you start to see less efficiency and less production value. If you run a scenario where you actually mow and trim bushes and pull weeds and do a number of different things all at the same property, then I think you can get more efficiency out of three guys.

I also think if trained and managed properly, you can get efficiency out of three guys because you can have that third guy do extra things. If you have super tight density, the third guy can move on to the next lawn and just roll his mower, or take his weed eater or whatever down to the next property versus sitting in the truck. Your business will evolve. Think about these things. At the end of the day, equipment matters. Whether you have one guy or fifty guys, you still have to give them the most efficient equipment.

Equipment is a non-factor in this conversation, in my mind. The owner has to do this if he wants to feed his five month old baby and his wife and keep up with the rent. For example, if he slacks off tomorrow, he could probably go get another job in this industry. If you do, he may not be able to maintain that number after 3 years and he is tired and burned out. Will that hold up over time is my question. The other thing that I think you need to think about is as the business scales, asset utilization becomes a challenge.

If you can buy into that, then asset utilization is an absolute consideration. For every additional crew that you start, you have to buy another truck, another truck, and more insurance. With that, you have greater risk. You start to think about things like that. How can you reduce the number of trucks on the road? How can you reduce the number of trucks you have to buy? How can you reduce the number of pieces of equipment you have to buy? And on, and on, and on. Then, you start to realize that a two man or three man crew starts to make a little bit of sense. Does that mean I need trucks and pieces of equipment?

I need to utilize my assets as efficiently as possible. Also, I believe that one of the absolute biggest hindrances in growing any business is money. Asset utilization becomes critical as the business starts to scale. If you build your business around one man crews, then you have the real risk of when one of your guys quits.

Maybe they finish at normally, but now they finish at But, at least the work got done. The work can still get done. From the standpoint of service autopilot, the software company that I have, one of the things that I notice is that we have a set of customers that seem to have a level of peace in their life and in their business. Then we have a set of customers that the world is burning down around them every single day. Everything is a disaster and the world is going to end at any given moment.

I understand it and I get it. The difference is, in most cases, how they manage their business. If you organize your business in such a way that you look at all the potential bottlenecks, you look at all the potential failure points and you say, how do I mitigate this risk, how do I eliminate this risk, that brings a level of calmness to your company and it brings a level of calmness to your life. The reason I just said that to you is, imagine that you create your business around a lot of one man crews.

Things happen all the time. You have to reroute everything. You jeopardize customer service. Contrast that to a guy that has multiple crews with multiple people with backup people in place.

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The Big Lawn Care Marketing Book contains volume 1 & 2 of my other books How to get customers for your landscaping and lawn care business all year long. The Big Lawn Care Marketing Book contains volume 1 & 2 of my other books " How to get customers for your landscaping and lawn care business all year long.".

What I see are, most successful clients have their stuff together.