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‘Bosch’ Boss Discusses Eleanor’s Big Scene and What’s Coming in Season 5
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The event also occurs in Episode 4, which allows for Bosch and her daughter Maddie Madison Lintz to truly have time to process her death and mourn her. It felt like a good, really emotional, very different kind of season. But, I kind of really was attracted to the idea that we do that in a season, that we would see, not just a main character die, which is always startling but to really deal with the consequences of that and the aftermath, the emotional aftermath of that and how that might bear down on the detective and affect his ability to do the job.

I really wanted to feel the ripple effect of it.

The writers, L. Johnson and Shaz Bennett did a great job of setting that in motion in the second half of the episode. And then we keep it going in [Episode] 5 and 6 and it keeps kind of reverberating and rippling through the rest of the episodes until the end. Lawyer Howard Elias Clark Johnson getting killed on the Angels Flight funicular occurs on the eve of his high-profile case that involves a black client who accuses the LAPD of torturing him during interrogation. Looking at the landscape of L.

What is the nature of policing versus the nature of the community?

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So we wanted to look at that. And the polarization of America is something that we acknowledge.

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She also has quite the social media following, which raises the question of her true motives. You find the next bright, shiny thing and you go. So, people in these movements are finding it more difficult to sustain. We all thought that that was a fascinating thing that Irving [Lance Reddick] exploits but also a kind of fascinating comment on the world that we live in. The Koreatown Killer Monti Sharp , who rides around town on a bicycle and guns people down, had been teased throughout last season.

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After that sudden and ignominious death, it takes only a couple of days for Det. Moore and Det.

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That gives the show a very authentic feel. In particular, the frequency and depth with which the characters discuss popular Los Angeles eateries is enough to inspire a culinary tour inspired by the show. Sadly, some known L.

Plus: The Koreatown killer and all those food references.

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‘Bosch’ Boss Discusses Eleanor’s Big Scene and What’s Coming in Season 5

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Three trilogies. One galaxy far, far away.

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When a power-hungry megalomaniac steals a genetically engineered super- virus in order to blackmail Earth into dissolving the International Space Alliance. "Not on my watch" has all the characters Blaine's fans have grown to love and more. There is still the light humor, a dash of romance and action, action, action.

The final episode of Thirteen terrorists. Three exclusive interviews.

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