No Good Duke Goes Unpunished: Number 3 in series (The Rules of Scoundrels series)

The Rules of Scoundrels Series
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The scoundrels appeal to me, because they are layered. Everybody has a taste for a bad boy! The key Victoria is that beneath their bad boy reps, is a misjudge, yummy hero. This series is one of my favorites. The cover is one of the nominations for our cover contest this year and I have been intrigued about the story inside.

I love the use of stairways on many of the romance covers. I love the staircases too, and this series is wonderful from the romance to the suspenseful twists. Everyone keeps telling me to read MacLean and I can see why now! Ok, mostly Temple :D. This sounds so awesome, thanks for your wonderful review and for putting this on my radar! I love how excited you got about receiving the book!! The twist was very well executed and I really loved the book. Hahaha, Vilia I kick myself for reading it too fast too, but while I am reading it…there is no stopping me..

Good to see you got a complete copy of the book in your Avon package. Sarah writes the best books, definitely looking forward to reading this one as well. Thanks for the great review and giveaway! Thanks for the great review!! So looking forward to getting my hands on this book.

You never know what kind of adventure you are going on with a scoundrel. I am just sitting here laughing about your post. I told my boyfriend you send your husband away to go play, so you could read your book in peace. He told me, if I ever tried to do that with him, he would rip the last page out of the book first.

He is really incensed with the idea alone. Lucky for me, my boyfriend leaves me in peace while reading a really good book. Oooh and tear a book.. You had me convinced with that first paragraph! Oh Lily, this is so true, unless it is a book I am dying to have, they go into my tbr pile and well..

Caffeinated Reviewer | No Good Duke Goes Unpunished by Sarah MacLean

But scoundrels who are really decent men at heart? Those, I like. Ah, then you will adore the men of the Fallen Angel. I refer to bounders as weasels not scoundrels.. Excellent Review! I love scoundrels of the hot, intelligent, alpha male sort! I love how they take you to another place, and time! This is one I am adding to my TBR right now!

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WORD Loves Sarah MacLean!

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Now I read a different flavor ever other day. I love the green on the cover! It sounds like she creates some really great characters! Oh, how lucky that you got a better copy of this. I really need to give McLean a try. Great review! I know how much you have been enjoying this series Kim so I am excited for you that you received a finished copy!!

I got my copy of this book today and the first thing I did was read the last page of the epilogue and I thought I read something wrong because I just woke up, but OMG, Kim! Anyways, Sarah MacLean never fails to amaze me. Lovely review, Kim! Okay, I skimmed your review because I just bought this late last night and read the first few chapters when it finally downloaded on my Kindle at midnight. Oooh I just finished it! Totally was a fun read. My mind blown by the epilogue! I feel like I need to re-read all the books for clues!

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Great review :. Right, I have been thumbing through the previous books myself! I do love me a good scoundrel.

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No Good Duke Goes Unpunished

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