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This book is supposed to contain some of the best science fiction short stories from , so it ought to be pretty good. Unfortunately, by that standard I think it fails to measure up. Here's why: First, many of the stories aren't science fiction, or are the "spaceship in the background" variety where the science fiction part is minimal and totally irrelevant to the actual story. A lot of these stories are really contemporary fiction about normal human relationships that are dressed up in science fiction or fantasy suits. I think the reason so many of these "contemporary fiction about normal relationships" pieces got picked as the best is because they are good writing.

And while some people really enjoy good writing, I would think the Nebula Award showcase would focus much more on good writing that is also strongly science fiction. That's what the reader is expecting, right? Some of the stories in here, like Sauerkraut Station, Ray of Light, and somewhat The Ice Owl, do strongly incorporate science fiction and are well chosen.

However, it's a disappointment that most don't. I have to add that including excerpts from novels is also a bad idea. Either readers will be tortured until they can go read the whole thing if the excerpt is that gripping, or they'll be irritated that you foisted part of a book on them they were never going to read.

Nebula Awards Showcase by Catherine Asaro

Also, the Introduction by the editor is really boring and pedantic. The editor tries to justify why each story was included, but too often she has to really play up the science fiction aspect of a story to justify it, which also helps disappoint when the real story turns out not to care about your predilection for science fiction. Aug 07, Mitchell rated it liked it Shelves: liked-reviews , science-fiction , fantasy , author-a , powellssfgroup , short-stories.

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From a collection of Nebula nominated stories, I expect more. The forward itself was unreadable drek. What else - two poems neither all that good but at least one was short. A bit of nonfiction that was almost as bad as the forward. Two novellas, one good and one very good. But really it was a mixture of somewhat interesting and awful with a couple intriguing and maybe one or two memorable. View 2 comments. Read most of it! Some were very well written! Others left me bored or confused?

2019 Nebula Awards Ceremony -- Outstanding Game Writing

Was not interested in finishing Sep 25, Tomislav rated it it was amazing Shelves: science-fiction , anthology , 5-stars , fantasy. The contents of this annual anthology include the Nebula winners in various categories, and many of the nominees. Cooney "The Man Who Bridged the Mist", by Kij Johnson Nebula winner - novella The quality of writing is spectacular, and this anthology always reassures me that the future of my favorite genre is bright. I want to hand this to the snobs who think of science fiction as nothing more than what they see in sci-fi tv and movies, and make them read it.

That said, I have a few constructive criticisms. I was expecting something about the state of the genre. I've read Among Others, and it is better than this excerpt makes it seem. On the other hand, the excerpt from The Freedom Maze has sparked my interest in reading the novel. I guess the problem is they just seem like marketing teasers. Jun 06, Mirta rated it really liked it. Several interesting and beautiful stories. The excerpts made me wanted to read more, so I bought "The freedom maze" and "among others".

I didn't read "Club story", seemed boring, too many references, and I think I didn't get the idea of it. Jul 10, Cheri rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , short-stories , sci-fi , anthology , book-group-book. This is the first time I've read an anthology really! Overall, I enjoyed the experience.

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Others were good but didn't necessarily grab me. A This is the first time I've read an anthology really! I may very well read Among Others. The excerpt intrigued me. I wish the introduction had been more interesting. Or maybe just accurate. I'm not sure she actually really read all the stories before she wrote about them.

That said, I feel like this anthology introduced me to some authors I haven't read before. A couple stories have given me much to think about, which means I'll consider it a worthwhile read. I'll likely pick up the anthology soon May 03, Barry Huddleston rated it it was amazing. It will be available at your favorite local bookstore around May 14th. In this case, you get a nice selection of scifi.

Of course, some titles will appeal more to some than others. The beauty of a showcase like this one is that you will experience writers that you may not have read otherwise. The book is packed with short stories, excerpts, and poetry. Harrows said, and took a swig from the bottle of cough syrup. I really enjoyed the Nebula Awards Showcase and highly recommend it. I give it a solid 5 stars out of 5. Aug 16, Elisabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi , short-stories. Most of these are spectacular, well worth the award and the time it takes to read them.

The turkeys are easily shrugged off. Ken Liu dazzles as he so often does.

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Movement is a gorgeous look at different ways of thinking. I will also have to read the rest of Jo Walton's Among Others.

The included exerpt is far more compelling than anything else of hers I've read so far. Jun 04, Barbara added it Shelves: sf. A collection from the winners and nominees for the Nebula awards. I did not read the poetry, essay or the introduction. A minor complaint but one that irked me. The editing of the introduction was poor. In it, Catherine Asaro talks about each of the entries but in a different order to the way the are included in the collection.

Putting the relevant bit of commentary as an introduction to each individual story would have been best. But, if not, at least keep them in the same order. The Paper A collection from the winners and nominees for the Nebula awards. While it is a moving and thought provoking story sometimes the parallels with our own history seemed a little heavy-handed. What finally cost it the 4th star was the ending. Surely children are allowed to grow up and leave home?

It is indeed true that curtains don't kill people. People kill people. The Axiom of Choice - David W.

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Track Orders. The little tiger Laohu, comes back to life, unfolds, and reveals a letter from his dead mother. I Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. More information about this seller Contact this seller 7. Nebula Awards Showcase by Ellen Datlow. A solid collection with quite a few newer authors and a good range of settings and themes.

However, I felt that the notion that observations at a macro level changes scientific "facts" wasn't explored as much as I would have liked. I wasn't able to judge what point the author was trying to make or how well she did so. However, it was sufficiently well done that I'm going to get the novel to find out what it was all about.

Nebula Awards Showcase

Instead of telling a conventional story in an unconventional setting, the setting - a space station - was integral to the story. It wouldn't have worked anywhere else. Also, the scenes with Lizzie alone on the station waiting and hoping for rescue were genuinely frightening. Ray of Light - Brad R. The description of the Glimmer Club was excellent though. Definitely YA though so I won't bother reading the entire novel. I kept waiting for the obvious twist but was only right once. Well deserving of the award for best novella.

Mostly just reading the award-winning stories from this compilation. Rating is only for the combined stories listed below. I'll make notes about the stories as I read them. I also appreciate the look at the way assimilating to American culture is both a benefit and yet also comes with a loss of o Mostly just reading the award-winning stories from this compilation. I also appreciate the look at the way assimilating to American culture is both a benefit and yet also comes with a loss of our heritage.

Really enjoyed this one. Not her best work, but it is thought-provoking.

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Nebula Awards Showcase Paperback – May 22, . (Nebula Awards Showcase (Paperback)) by Kevin J. Anderson Paperback $ In stock. With this inaugural volume at Tor, the annual Nebula Award collection is reborn (Nebula Awards Showcase (Paperback)) by Kevin J. Anderson Paperback $ Nebula Awards Showcase by James Kelly Patrick Paperback $

It was odd; it made perfect sense. It was about family drama and illness; it was about science and memory. I don't actually think I like it much, but it was an interesting read, if for no other reason than to see where how hints from earlier in the story played out in the end. It had good characters, an interesting plot, and a fascinating setting. I need to look into more of Johnson's work, partly to see if more has been written about this Mist. The whole story kept me entranced, start to finish.

Oct 24, Vanessa rated it really liked it. The nice thing about award anthologies is that--unlike some of the other short fiction anthologies I've read--all of the selections are well-written. It's quite the variety, so let's get to it skip straight to the last one if you only want to know the one I liked best. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cover of first edition. Raoul Vitale. Nebula Awards Showcase. Nebula Awards Showcase Tents Accessories Lights Camping Bed.

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