Kindred (Books 1 - 3) Book Bundle: A Paranormal Romance Vampire Hunter Series

Kindred Books 1 - 3
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Great character and plot development. A book that will have you hanging on the edge of your seat. Loved it. It was a flawless continuation of the first book, Kindred. Nicola Claire really does paint an amazing picture with her details and unique storyline. Kindred - "A sacred match, a suitable partner for a joining. To be a kindred there must exist a connection between the Nosferatu and their chosen; only those suitably compatible will be kindred to the other". Looking forward to see what sexy demi-god heroes I can come up with? Feel free to leave a comment and put in your opinion.

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AC: Brotherhood was that game. I have managed to get some progress done on my second draft of Her Guardian Angel. I have around 60 more pages to edit, but that includes beefing up a few scenes, and adding in a completely new scene to the ending to really magnify it and make it end on a more dramatic and satisfying conclusion.

I have a fun stuff section back in place now. You can find it in the main menu of my website under the heading Goodies. Part of my preparation for writing this new series, and continuing my writing in general, comes in the form of four new books that I purchased last week. I also want to re-read some of my books that I love and keep on my shelves.

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Most of them are in the Write Great Fiction range and are really useful and insightful. Not long now.

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Kindred (Books 1 - 3) Book Bundle: A Paranormal Romance Vampire Hunter Series eBook: Nicola Claire: Kindle Store. Editorial Reviews. Review. Kindred: "This is the best vampire book I've read in a long time and Kindred (Books 1 - 3) Book Bundle: A Paranormal Romance Vampire Hunter Series - Kindle edition by Nicola Claire. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @

The crazy thing is I have around 18 blog dates for promoting Forbidden Blood and now I have to think of 18 unique things to do for them! Monday and Tuesday was spent catching up on admin stuff and also addressing comments that I had made during my initial read through of Her Guardian Angel. I started out with comments, mostly notes on improving areas, adding new stuff, repetition, and other things. I worked my way down to 13 major comments generally layering more stuff into scenes or adding new stuff and prepped for starting the full edit. I was meant to start that on Wednesday, but wound up writing blog posts and doing other stuff related to writing.

I did start my edit again today, and have reached page 27 of I also signed up to participate in Six Sentence Sunday , so watch out for my first one this Sunday, and sorted out my blog tour schedule, including adding new dates. I did manage to get another book read this week.

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Much better than the previous freebie I had read by her, Kiss Me Deadly, which I only gave 2 stars to and that was a push. This one gained 3 stars from me, and I would have given it 4 but I was a bit irritated by the heroine and the authors blatant attempts to make her sound young.

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I like a more mature kick-ass kind of heroine in my stories. This week has also seen me thinking about my release schedule for next year, and also writing notes for the next book in the Shadow and Light Trilogy. I think next year is going to be as full of paranormal romance books as this year is for me. I also think next year is going to be a year for series books.

Book 2. I need to design a website for it, gather all my materials, and also prepare other stuff for it. I have the first three roughly planned, and their place in the overall arc that runs through the series.

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I think the characters are basically there now, with only a little more work needed on them. Just talking about it makes me want to write it! Following the instructions on the giveaway page. Invite your friends too.

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My never ending schedule change is still in progress too. Now that Forbidden Blood is set as the March 26th release, I have to think about the next one. I have a slot on May 7th that I want to use for a pay-for book rather than a freebie. And the guy has a serious chip on his shoulder. Sparks will fly! His elusive opponent appears before him in a London back street but a young beautiful woman named Amber hinders Kearn and the man escapes.

But all is not lost. A decision to use her as bait turns into a struggle against a dangerous attraction as they fight to defeat the enemy and protect her life. May 7th — Ascension Ascension is an urban fantasy romance novel, mixing one stubborn half-demon hero, Taig, with his ex-lover and just as stubborn witch heroine, Lealandra.

Her heart has remained constant, and only Taig has been in it. Seeing the pain she caused, Lealandra works to soothe it and hopes to finally help Taig face the issues he has about his demonic heritage and open his heart to her. Bringing back all of the angels from the first three novellas, this story is packed full of danger and intrigue, and a hero who will steal your heart. But will he be successful? Can he stop something that has been foretold?

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September 10th — Heart of Darkness Set in the beautiful city of Prague in the dead of winter, Heart of Darkness is a novel of passion and possession. Aleksandr, once a prince of his vampire kind, has spent four centuries relentlessly pursuing the relatives of the man who murdered his sister and the constant bloodshed is taking its toll on him, turning him towards the darkness and into the beast all vampires once were. Battling the darkness after killing another hunter, Aleksandr meets Elise, a guard of the Cerny bloodline, and she instantly drives the black from his heart and his mind, restoring his balance.

Curiosity about the effect she has on him, and her beauty, drive him to pursue her, but the charm that had once helped him have any woman he wanted fails to have an effect on Elise. Please try again later. Servant: The Kindred. Gabrielle Cody is a paladin? But she?

Her relationship with Detective Luther Cross is under constant strain already, and its going to get worse. There is a monster feeding off of human blood, flesh, and souls and Gaby must stop him.

But her passion for Luther distracts her from the terrible connection she has with her quarry? Servant: the Acceptance.

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But Gaby must resist involvement with Luther now, for she is protecting streetwalkers.