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How to Cook Your Life: From the Zen Kitchen to Enlightenment
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Am I not a devout Buddhist who cares only for the Dharma? Are you so blind after knowing me for so long? Master Fo-ying looked at him quietly for a few seconds, then smiled and slowly said: "Ah, Su Dongpo, the great Buddhist who claims that the combined forces of the Eight Winds can hardly move him an inch, is now carried all the way to the other side of the Yangxi River by a single puff of wind from the colon!

Our Grand Delusion

Antaiji was very popular with the most serious zazen practitioners from all over Japan and from abroad in the s and s, during which time it was led by Roshi Kosho Uchiyama d. The five-day sesshins were notable for their complete focus on sitting and walking meditation—no chanting of scriptures or dharanis mantras , no interviews with the master, or anything else.

The Rev. But it would really come in handy if you were to be put in jail. While in China, Dogen procured or copied valuable texts, including at least one major koan anthology and also the major Chinese Chan monastic rule-book. My labors have been wholly without merit. A petty little fool is nothing but a worldling. But a Great Fool is a Buddha! Among the transcribed talks we have from Linji, here are excerpts—some of which may be genuine sayings from Linji—on how he chided students and certain fellow teachers!

Inwardly or outwardly, if you encounter any obstacles, lay them low right away. If you encounter the Buddha [as merely a mind object], slay him; if you encounter the Patriarch, slay him; if you encounter the parent or the relative, slay them all without hesitation, for this is the only way to deliverance. Do not get yourself entangled with any object, but stand above, pass on, and be free. As I see those so-called followers of Truth all over the country, there are none who come to me free and independent of objects. In dealing with them, I strike them down any way they come….

There are indeed so far none who have presented themselves before me all alone, all free, all unique. They are inevitably found caught by the idle tricks of the old masters! They are madly biting into all heaps of filth. O you, why are you wasting all the pious donations of the devout [who give to the monastery]! You are putting another head over your own! What do you lack in yourselves? O you, followers of Truth, what you are making use of at this very moment is none other than what makes a Patriarch or a Buddha. But you do not believe me, and stupidly seek it outwardly….

They are like goats, nuzzling and nibbling at everything they come across. They cannot distinguish the servant from the master, nor the guest from the host. A real man has no need to give himself the airs of a real man! Three times I asked him on the essence of Buddhism, and three times he beat me. It was as if he had caressed me with a branch of fragrant sage. Now I feel like tasting a sound beating again; who can give it to me? The monk hesitated to take hold of it.

So the master hit him. The teacher then puts another set of chains on him. The student is overjoyed. Neither the one nor the other are capable of discernment…. Followers of the Way, the true sentiment is very difficult, the Buddha-Dharma is a profound mystery. But if you understand, you smile. But students have not enough faith. So they cling to names and phrases and try to find the meaning of these names. For fifty years and more they run about carrying their corpses, their staffs and bundles.

But in the Zen School we don't have a single thing! It was fiercely cold and no firewood was to be found. Danxia went to the Buddha-shrine hall, took down the sacred wooden image of the Buddha, and set it ablaze to warm himself. Shall we burn a few more? Please see if my eyebrows are still there!

It is the six- and seven-syllable phrases which are far too long! But our Old Buddha Daikaku declares one word to lead the people to salvation. What is that word? What is that one great word?!

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If you cannot find it your whole life will be spent entangled in creepers in a dark cave. If you can say it, with that leap of realization you will pervade heaven and earth. So what is that one word?

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Editorial Reviews. From the Author. After spending five years in the Zen Forest, on and off, and How To Die Laughing: A Short-Cut To Enlightenment (Zen Books Book 1) - Kindle edition by Martin Avery. Download it once and read it on your. How To Die Laughing: A Short-Cut To Enlightenment (Through The Zen Forest) with a Zen Buddhist monk and Zen master who wanted to write a book about a Martin Avery has written many books, including a novel trilogy set in the Zen Forest. This one is non-fiction and describes an experience with enlightenment.

No scripture reading, no offerings—go on with your meals. Afterwards, no pagoda, no monument, no posthumous name or title, and certainly no biography full of dates! When Ippen Shonin 13th cent. Silence is a lie! Above speech and silence, there is a way out. What are my duties? Sometimes even ten. When a heretic speaks a truth, all truth becomes heresy. Why are you engaged in the lowly task of sweeping? Why, then, is there dust?

Seven days later he slapped himself and his mouth resumed normal appearance. But instead he only talked on and on about his own ideas. Nan-in served tea. The professor watched the overflow until he could no longer restrain himself. It is overfull. No more will go in! How can I show you Zen unless you first empty your mind? One day he invited a visiting scholar-monk, Osen Kaisan —93 , to see a landscape-painting he himself had brushed in ink on a recent trip to Kumano and other scenic spots on the Kii Peninsula.

When the scroll was opened, there was nothing but a long, blank sheet of paper. The monk Osen, struck by the emptiness of the "painting," exclaimed: Your brush is as tall as Mount Sumeru, Black ink large enough to exhaust the great earth; The white paper as vast as the Void that swallows up all illusions.

Lord Tokimune was a personal student of Wuxue, but the spiritual master never forgot that Tokimune was Japan's ruler. So who really became enlightened here—Tokimune or his interpreter? Or both? Or neither? Until you open your mouths. Francis Xavier was touring Japan, he was graciously hosted in by the extraordinarily friendly master Ninshitsu of Fukusho-ji Soto Zen monastery, near Kagoshima.

Strolling through the temple grounds one day, Xavier saw monks meditating in great repose and dignified appearance.

In short, no one here is doing anything of importance! One day the girl's parents suddenly discovered she was pregnant and were very angry when she refused to confess the man's identity.

The Great Discovery ~ Alan Watts

After much harassment she at last named the monk Hakuin. Furious, the parents went to confront the master. By this time he had lost his reputation, which did not trouble him, but he took very good care of the child, obtaining milk from neighbors and all else the child needed. A year later the girl could not stand it any longer. She told her parents the truth—the child's real father was a young man working at the fish market. At once the girl's parents rushed to see Hakuin, apologetically explaining and begging forgiveness, and humbly asking to bring the child back to its mother and real father.

They have no perception of their own, but just keep fame and fortune and gain and loss in their hearts. They are like goats crapping: the minute their tails go up, innumerable dung balls plop to the ground! I just offer the matter before you now in order for you to understand. What do you say?

What do you call it? What a copy-cat! So what happens when Shoushan's staff emerges out of the Void to meet Huitang's fist What you call that?? Where is outside? Where is the boundary line? Laughter all around. I had an excellent time putting this book together and I hope people enjoy it as much as the first! A Kindle version is slated to be available closer to the end of December. An Audible version will be available early in July 6, July 5, Leave a comment.

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